Penn State Extension Master Gardener Manual

Learn and teach about a variety of plant and gardening topics from Penn State Extension’s Master Gardeners.
Penn State Extension Master Gardener Manual - Guides and Publications
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In full color and with nearly 600 photographs, this 800-page hardback book provides basic horticultural knowledge in botany; plant propagation; soil health and fertilizer management; plant pathology and diseases; entomology; integrated pest management; lawn care; vegetable gardening; indoor, herbaceous, woody, and native plants; tree fruit and small fruit; weeds and invasive species; and pruning. Composting, landscape design, garden wildlife, and gardening equipment are also discussed.

Who is this for?

Beginning and advanced gardeners; plant, landscape, and pest professionals

What will you learn?

Botany; plant propagation and care; soil health, fertilizer management, and composting; plant diseases and pests; indoor plants; vegetable gardens; lawn care and landscape design; ornamentals; tree fruit and small fruit; herbaceous plants; native plants; weeds and invasive species; garden wildlife; gardening equipment


Worth every red cent

Nancy and a crew of Extension educators, professors, Master Gardeners, foresters, entomologists, horticulturists, and many others came together to create this massive text that delves deep into every aspect of gardening. Yes, it’s a manual for the Master Gardener educational program, but you don’t have to be a Master Gardener or a Master Gardener in-training to buy and use it. And, it’s not just relevant to Pennsylvania – it’s relevant to gardeners everywhere. At nearly 800 pages in length, this text goes far beyond most basic gardening books and covers absolutely every gardening topic imaginable with factual, science-based information, not “internet myths.” The Penn State Master Gardener Manual is only available for purchase via Penn State Extension and is worth every red cent.
Review by Jessica / (POSTED ON 5/3/2018)

The photos in the manual really make it easy to understand the text and what you're learning about. They are invaluable!

The photos in this manual really make it easier to understand what the text says and what you're learning about. They are a valuable addition!
Review by Lucy / (POSTED ON 9/14/2017)

Great resource for the home gardener who wants a better understaning of the plant world.

With helpful charts, lists, diagrams, and color photos, this gardening manual serves on multiple levels, from quick reference to in-depth understanding. Though written for a lay audience, it does not shortchange correct terminology and scientific detail. A reference book to grow not only better plants, but better gardeners!
Review by Beth / (POSTED ON 9/8/2017)

Everything you need to know about gardening!

This manual is the ultimate gardening reference for Pennsylvania! I haven't seen another that addresses so many gardening topics.
Review by ERIN / (POSTED ON 9/1/2017)

Not Just for Master Gardeners Anymore!

This colorful manual gives every gardener the benefit of information researched and tested by Penn State University. Written to accompany the Master Gardener course in Pennsylvania, the information is also applicable to those who garden in areas with similar climate. Information is clear, concise, and generously illustrated. This manual provides great start for those new to gardening, as well as an accurate reference for seasoned gardeners.
Review by L.M. / (POSTED ON 8/31/2017)

A comprehensive reference for any gardener!

The Penn State Extension Master Gardener Manual is the dream of every home gardener. While this book is a training manual for the Master Gardener class, home gardeners should have it in their own library as a comprehensive, well-written, easy-to-follow reference. The manual is full of beautiful color photos as well as artfully drawn illustrations of horticultural concepts of interest to every gardener, amateur or professional. I love it!
Review by Val / (POSTED ON 8/31/2017)


Thorough knowledge of the subject and conveyed in a user-friendly format. A wealth of knowledge and a must-have reference for gardeners of all skill levels!
Review by Dianna / (POSTED ON 8/31/2017)

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