Master Gardener Basic Training

Are you passionate about gardening? Would you like to share your interest? Start your path to become a Penn State Master Gardener!
Master Gardener Basic Training - Workshops
Skill Level: Intermediate
Language: English

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The Penn State Master Gardener Program is administered at the county level where recruitment, training, and volunteer service occur. Basic training class schedules vary based on location and include the following topics: botany, plant propagation, soil health and fertilizer management, composting, controlling pests safely, entomology, plant diseases, indoor plants, vegetables, lawn care, pruning, woody ornamentals, herbaceous plants, native plants, weeds and invasives.

Trainees must apply for the program in their county of residence.

Master Gardener trainees are required to participate in a minimum of forty hours of basic training. Each trainee is expected to attend all core classes with any missed sessions to be made up at the discretion of supervising Master Gardener Coordinator.

Any missed sessions must be made up through arrangements with supervising Extension staff members. In addition, supervising Extension staff may require trainees to participate in training focused on locally relevant topics.


Before completing the Master Gardener application, contact the county Extension office in your area for an updated schedule of classes and program cost. Scholarships may be available through your local Extension office. Basic training for Master Gardeners is not offered annually in every county. Send the completed application to the county where you reside.

Contact your county Master Gardener program with any questions.

Who is this for?
  • Anyone with an interest in gardening and the willingness to learn more
  • Anyone with a strong desire to make a difference in the community
What will you learn?
  • You will receive extensive training in many phases of gardening
  • You will receive basic training in a wide range of horticulture topics
  • You will learn how to help others with gardening problems


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