Maranta Diseases

Informational table showing disease name, symptoms, pathogen/cause, and management of Maranta diseases.
Maranta Diseases - Articles


Cucumber Mosaic VirusLeaves are small and distorted. Bright yellow line patterns form on the leaves.Cucumber mosaic virusDestroy affected plants. Propagate from plants free of the symptoms. Maintain good aphid control in the greenhouse.
Helminthosporium Leaf SpotSmall water-soaked leaf spots yellow and die. Spots merge and become large, irregular tan areas with a yellow halo.Drechslera setariae (formerly Helminthosporium)Avoid overhead watering. Apply a fungicide to protect plants.
Root Knot NematodePlants are stunted. Normally tuberous roots appear beaded and galled.MeloidogyneDiscard infected plants. Or, take top cutting and discard the roots and soil. Plant in pasteurized mix.
Tip BurnLeaf tips and margins turn brown and die. There may be a yellow between the dead and live tissue.phosphate fertilizer or fluoride toxicity or high light intensity.Water and fertilize moderately. Avoid using superphosphate and perlite since they contain excessive fluoride.
YellowingYoung leaves are yellowed.Lack of fertilizer, iron deficiency.Maintain soil pH near 6. Use micronutrients or iron chelate to avoid iron deficiency.

Prepared by Gary W. Moorman, Professor of Plant Pathology