Managing Volunteers to Build Community Capacity

This course addresses the issue of finding and keeping volunteers, which is faced by many community groups, including municipalities, fire companies, and non-profits.
Managing Volunteers to Build Community Capacity - Workshops
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Volunteers are the lifeblood of many communities. They provide critical services for community non-profits, faith-based organizations, and local governments.

This course will help your organization identify realistic strategies for investing in volunteer recruitment and management.

Topics include:

  • Finding volunteers
  • Engaging younger volunteers
  • Identifying risks for volunteers helping your program
  • Capturing the impact volunteers have on your organization

Working with Four Generations of Volunteers

Different generations of volunteers respond differently to recruitment, commitment, training, tasks, and even recognition.

Learn how to:

  • Address the needs of four different generations of volunteers.
  • Use strategies to recruit and recognize volunteers
  • Provide flexibility in matching volunteers to tasks.

Tools for an Effective Volunteer Program

Whether you are a paid or a volunteer Volunteer Coordinator, there are many tools that will assist you in developing a strong volunteer experience in an organization.

Learn how to

  • Write complete task descriptions and how they can help with recruitment, training and evaluation.
  • Develop orientation and training programs that fit the needs of both the volunteers and your organization.
  • Identify risks to volunteers as well as your clientele and implement policies through training.
  • Plan recognition that meets the needs of different volunteers within your organization's budget.


For questions or more information, contact:

Judy Chambers

Neal Fogle

Peter Wulfhorst
570-296-3400 x145


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