Making Low Sugar Jam and Jelly with Low Methoxyl Pectin

Low methoxyl pectin, if correctly used, will create a gel in the absence of sugar and acid for those desiring jams and jelly containing less sugar.
Making Low Sugar Jam and Jelly with Low Methoxyl Pectin - Videos


Low methoxyl pectin can be used for those that want to decrease the amount of sugar used in making jam or jelly. This product creates a gel in the absence of sugar and acid for a quality product.


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(rumbling and clicking)

- Martha, I was wondering if you can make jams and jellies with less sugar?

- Yes, there are some special pectins that have been developed that cause jellies and jams to jell without that perfect balance of sugar, acid, and pectin.

The scientific name for these are low methoxyl pectin.

The jell is formed by calcium bonds holding the liquid together.

- How will I use this product?

- Well, the pectin box includes two envelopes.

One is a calcium compound that is dissolved in water.

You mix a half teaspoon of this calcium powder with a half cup of water in a little jar and you shake it well.

You can see how cloudy it is.

Then to make the jelly, you boil the fruit.

Once that fruit is boiling, you can add 2 to 4 teaspoons of this calcium water.

The pectin is added to the sugar.

Or, if there's no sugar in it, then you add it to the water, depending upon your recipe.

The pectin and the calcium combine, forming those bonds that provide structure for the jelly.

This product is effective in creating a jell in the absence of sugar and acid.

You can use no sugar at all.

You can reduce the amount of sugar.

Or you can use sugar substitutes.

In addition to using it for cooked jams, there are some freezer jam recipes included in the insert that comes with the package.

- Would there be any drawbacks to using this product?

- Well, the drawback comes when you are making the jam or jelly with less sugar, no sugar, or sugar substitutes.

They may not maintain their color over long-term storage.

For example, this peach jam is beginning to turn brown and gradually over a period of time it will get pretty dark and not have that nice bright color that you expect in peach jam.

There is an all fruit recipe that is included in the insert.

That uses frozen apple or white grape juice concentrate to increase the natural sugars.

That helps to preserve the color of the finished product.

So in conclusion, low methoxyl pectin is an acceptable choice for making jelly with less sugar.

- Good, Martha.

This is good information to know.

Thank you.

- You're welcome.


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