Land Use Webinar Series

This series of monthly land-use webinars will present in-depth information on land-use topics affecting the communities of Pennsylvania.
Land Use Webinar Series - Webinars
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When: Wed., Jul. 18, 2018
Wed., Aug. 15, 2018
Wed., Sep. 19, 2018
Wed., Oct. 7, 2018
Wed., Nov. 14, 2018
(12:00 PM - 1:15 PM)

registration deadline: November 14, 2018
12:00 p.m.

The Land Use Webinar Series is a series of monthly land-use webinars that present in-depth information on land-use topics affecting the communities of Pennsylvania. Learn from the comfort of your own home or office with this webinar.


  • Regulating Short-Term Rentals
  • The Changing Stormwater Landscape, Are We Creating Actual Solutions or Expensive Dreams?
  • Addressing Noise in Pennsylvania Communities and Neighborhoods
  • Economic Profiles and Assessments
  • Property Law Issues Involving Public Rights, Open Space and Access to Private Lands

Who Should Attend?

  • Land owners
  • Farmers
  • Elected and appointed officials
  • Developers
  • Community members who are involved in decision-making processes regarding using or preserving natural resources

How To Participate in the Webinar

Upon completion of the registration process, and email confirmation will be sent to the registrant that includes login instructions and the link to the webinar.

Professional credits are offered through the American Planning Association.


Wednesday, July 18, 2018
Wednesday, August 15, 2018
Wednesday, September 19, 2018
Wednesday, October 17, 2018
Wednesday, November 14, 2018

12:00 pm Regulating Short-Term Rentals The short-term rental (STR) market for using rental services such as Airbnb and VRBO has grown significantly in recent years. These services allow property owners to realize the economic benefit of renting all or part of their properties as an STR. However, there are corresponding concerns raised by neighboring property owners who feel STRs could result in the loss of a sense of community given the transient nature of such a use. This webinar will address recent case law as well as how to regulate the use through your zoning ordinance.

12:00 pm The Changing Stormwater Landscape, Are We Creating Actual Solutions or Expensive Dreams? Stormwater from land development can have adverse effects on a municipality’s infrastructure. This webinar will review stormwater regulatory changes that have occurred over the last several decades in an attempt to counter these adverse effects. A review of historical challenges and the different types of flooding will be presented as well as what types of flooding green infrastructure practices and low impact development methods can realistically help solve. It will also explore how the pollution reduction plans that municipalities are being mandated to develop as part MS4 or TMDL plans fit into the larger stormwater framework. It is important that future funding of stormwater efforts can be directed to on-site improvements of controlling stormwater runoff.

12:00 pm Addressing Noise in Pennsylvania Communities & Neighborhoods Noise can cause serious health issues and undermine the quality of life in communities. Pennsylvania municipalities possess health, safety, and welfare powers to effectively address noise issues. Furthermore, municipalities may also risk liability against the municipality for not effectively controlling noise. The webinar provides background for municipalities by briefly covering the significant, adverse, health effects that noise causes in communities, based on current scientific research, and by covering statutory authority for noise pollution control. Three examples of noise ordinances will be discussed along with the formidable problems of trying to address noise through outdated, general, “nuisance” ordinances.

12:00 pm Economic Profiles & Assessments What you will learn about your community and what others may learn about you.
Private businesses market themselves for success, so why should it be any different for municipalities? Detailing your community’s demographics, statistics, and economic indicators can be beneficial to your management, residents (current and future) and for prospective businesses.

Conducting economic profiles and assessments can be a key tool in the success of your community. Making information about your town readily available is a customer service oriented way to tell the story of your community. Conducting updates to your profile and assessment can become a planning tool that helps guide decision-making and other important strategies. The webinar will provide information to learn about these concepts and more.

12:00 pm Property Law Issues Involving Public Rights, Open Space & Access to Private Lands It is important for land planners and local government officials to understand the nature of public resources within a community as well as the public’s rights to those resources. Public resources, however, are sometimes owned privately rather than publicly. The relationship between the private ownership of land and public rights to the use of that private land creates a number of legal issues about which planners, local government officials, and landowners should be aware. This webinar will focus on those property law issues that impact the rights of the public to the use of private lands as well as the use of public resources generally.


Shannon Brown

Larry Fennessey

Jeff Grimm

Sean High

Esch McCombie

Shawn McGlynn

Ross Pifer

Chelsea Puff


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