Kerry E. Kaylegian, Ph.D.

Dairy Foods Research & Extension Associate


    Dairy Food Processing & Quality
    Dairy Food Safety
    Sensory Analysis of Dairy Products
    Dairy Foods Extension
    Artisanal Cheese



    About Me

    Research Interests

    My program focuses on providing technical support and delivering outreach programs to improve the safety and quality of dairy products.

    I direct and lecture in short courses on dairy HACCP, preventive controls and food safety, cheese making, dairy basics for artisan processors, pasteurizer operations, cultured products manufacture, and fundamentals of food science. Additionally I assist with the ice cream and sanitation short courses, and custom workshops.

    My current research is on focused on helping artisanal and small-scale cheesemakers improve the quality and safety of their cheeses. One project is on developing tools for a systematic approach of defining measurable quality parameters, monitoring raw materials, process and finished product variation, and determining which variable have the most impact to allow cheesemakers to make consistent and improved cheeses, and help with troubleshooting. Another project will begin in Fall 2016 to develop tools to help raw milk cheesemakers in conducting hazard analyses and risk assessments to meet the new FSMA requirements.

    My other area of interest is the functional and nutritional properties of milk fat as an ingredient, with an emphasis on milk fat fractionation. I have history of research in this area, but am not conducting active research on milkfat or milkfat fractions at this time.

    I have a strong interest in the sensory evaluation of dairy products. I am an international cheese and dairy product judge, coach of the Penn State Collegiate Dairy Products Evaluation Team, Chair of the Pennsylvania Farm Show Cheese Competition, and adivsor to the Penn State Cheese Club.


    Julius Bauerman Lectureship Award, 2016, Philadelphia Section of the Institute of Food Technologists

    American Dairy Science Foundation Scholar Award in Dairy Foods, 2015, American Dairy Science Association

    Marie Kelso Memorial Award, 2014, Pennsylvania Manufacturing Confections Association

    Recent Publications

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    Ph.D., Cornell University, Food Science, 2006 M.S., University of Wisconsin-Madison, Food Science, 1991 B.S., University of Wisconsin-Madison, Food Science, 1985