Kathryn Brasier, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Rural Sociology


    Energy and Society, specifically Community Impacts of Marcellus Shale Development
    Community Development and Public Engagement
    Water Quality
    Environmental Governance Systems
    Women in Agriculture



    About Me


    Research Interests

    My research program focuses on collective action, networks and public participation related to agricultural, natural resource, and environmental issues. Specific research projects include networks and adoption of on-farm conservation technologies; networks as a means for rural and agricultural economic development; community watershed organizations; social and economic impacts of natural resource extraction; land use change and the social and ecological causes and consequences; and the effects of space and scale on farm and environmental decision-making.

    Outreach/Extension Interests

    My Extension programs follow from my research, and emphasize ways of collectively organizing and making decisions related to agricultural, natural resource and environmental issues. These programs include:

    Recent Publications

    Brasier, K., C. Sachs, N. E. Kiernan, A. Trauger, and M. Barbercheck. 2014. “Capturing the Multiple and Shifting Identities of Farm Women in the Northeastern United States.” Rural Sociology

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    Book Chapters

    Brasier, K., and M. Filteau. Forthcoming. “Community Impacts of Marcellus Shale Development: Assessing the Evidence.” In M. Finkel (ed.), The Rush to Drill: The Human and Environmental Costs of Shale Gas Extraction. Praeger Press.

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    Research Reports

    Brasier, K., L. Davis, L. Glenna, T. Kelsey, D. McLaughlin, K. Schafft, K. Babbie, C. Biddle, A. Delessio-Parson, and D. Rhubart. 2014. The Marcellus Shale Impacts Study: Chronicling Social and Economic Change in Pennsylvania. Final Report to the Center for Rural Pennsylvania.

    Brasier, K. 2012. Ferguson Township Community Survey Results. Final report to the Ferguson Township Board of Supervisors.

    Alter, T., T. Ooms, K. Brasier, D. McLaughlin, F. Willits, and S. Tracewski. 2010. Baseline Socioeconomic Analysis for the Marcellus Shale Development in Pennsylvania. Final report to the Appalachian Regional Commission.

    Brasier, K., and S. Goetz. 2010. A Social Network Analysis of the May 2009 NE-RCRD Local Foods Conference: Technical Report . Rural Development Paper No. 47 published by the Northeast Regional Center for Rural Development.

    Bassler, A., K. Brasier, N. Fogle, and R. Taverno. 2008. Developing Effective Citizen Engagement: A Guide for Community Leaders. Final report to the Center for Rural Pennsylvania.

    Higdon, F., K. Brasier, R. Stedman, B. Lee, and S. Sherman. 2005. Assessment of Community Watershed Organizations in Rural Pennsylvania. Final report to the Center for Rural Pennsylvania.

    Holden, L., J. Hyde, R. Stup, and K. Brasier. 2004. Building on Our Strengths: Workforce Development for the Pennsylvania Dairy Industry. Final report to the Center for Rural Pennsylvania.

    Current and Former Graduate Students

    Matthew Filteau
    PhD - Summer 2012 ("Who Are Those Guys? Undoing the Oilfield's Roughneck Masculinity”)

    Melissa Brill
    MPS - Fall 2010 (“A Guide to Understanding and Implementing Civil Society Strengthening Programs” )

    Neal Fogle
    MPS - Fall 2011 (“Implementation of Comprehensive, Visioning, and Strategic Plans”)

    Joe Slaughter
    MPS - Fall 2011 ("Implementation of the Countywide Bicycle and Recreation Trail Plan”)

    Jon Clark
    PhD - Summer 2010 (“Greening the Factory Farm: Toward a Theory of Agri-Environmental Techno-science”)

    Lindsay Smith
    MS - Summer 2008 (“From Cowbelles to WAgNs: Factors That Have Influenced the Creation of Women Initiated Agriculture Organizations in the United States”)

    Sarah Black
    AEE (co-chair)
    MS - Summer 2008 (“Exploring Local Politicians’ Trust of the Public”)

    Daniel Snyder
    MS - Summer 2007 (“Building Community in a 3D Space”)

    Martin Lenihan
    PhD - Fall 2006 (“State, Social Movement and Producer Perspectives on Multifunctional Agriculture in the Global Food Regime”)


    PhD, Sociology, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2002