Joy (J.D.) Dunbar

RULE Chief Executive Officer


    Leadership and Community Development
    Communication Proficiencies
    Mentor Models
    Government Relations



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    J.D. Dunbar is a Penn State Senior Extension Educator and has a specialization repertoire in Leadership and Community Development, Communication Skills, Program Evaluation, Facilitation and Trusteeship. She leads the state leadership program, PA Rural-Urban Leadership Program (RULE) based at Penn State Extension and has held that position for 29 years. Her educational background is in Speech Communication. She was recognized with the Outstanding Leadership Director award in 2000 by the International Association of Programs for Agricultural Leadership (IAPAL) and a 2015 Leadership In Action Award for RULE by the Penn State Ag Council. A wordsmith by trade, and a public speaker by profession, she travels internationally delivering presentations on leadership and communication skills to an amalgam of venues – state and local government agencies, other state, national and international leadership programs, Penn State Extension conferences, Chamber of Commerce, community, agricultural and university based audiences and conference keynotes.