Join Us for Soil Health and Cover Crop Workshops

Soil health and cover crops workshops are coming up in December and January across PA. Come out and join us to hear local Extension Educators and farmers talk about soil health, soil fertility, cover crop management, and more!
Join Us for Soil Health and Cover Crop Workshops - News


Wendell Berry, American philosopher, poet, and farmer, once wrote that, “what I stand for is what I stand on.” Published in 1980, these words ring true for farmers today. Over the last several years, there has been a momentous increase in awareness and interest in protecting and improving soil while producing more food, feed, and fiber. However, the abundance of information on soil health and cover crops can be overwhelming to digest and implement on the farm. Adding to this complexity, optimal cover crop management can vary depending on your crop rotation, equipment, experience level, goals for a given field, and location within Pennsylvania.

What we do know is that soil health, or the capacity of soil to perform according to its potential, can be impacted—both positively and negatively—by how we manage our fields. We also know that cover crops are one tool we can use to promote soil health. If you have ever wondered, for example, why you should care about microbes in your soil; why earth worms or ground beetles matter; how to set up your no-till planter to handle cover crop residue; which cover crop species or mixture is right for your crop rotation; or if there are any cost-share options available to help implement cover crops, we encourage you to attend one of our upcoming Soil Health and Cover Crop Workshops.

The first event of this multi-county series is on Monday, December 17, 2018 at the York County Annex Building, room 1, 112 Pleasant Acres Rd., York, PA 17402, from 9:00am-noon. Speakers include local farmers with hands-on experience and insight on soil health and cover crops; extension specialists and educators with helpful university trial data and interpretation; industry professionals, who help growers choose the best products to foster soil health; and NRCS and conservation district personnel, with expertise on cost-share options, how best to comply with Agricultural Erosion and Sedimentation Control and Manure Management Plans, and how these are influenced by cover crops.

You will leave the half-day workshop with a better understanding of why soil health is important, practices that can improve soil health, why to consider incorporating cover crops and how to manage cover crops in your rotation, and how neighbors of yours have done so, successfully.

To stand for what You stand on, register for the York County Soil Health and Cover Crop Workshop today. The event is free to attendees and registration is encouraged, but walk-ins are accepted.

Date: Monday, December 17, 2018

Time: 9:00am-noon

Location: York County Annex Building, room 1, 112 Pleasant Acres Rd., York, PA 17402

Cost: Free