Johne's Certified Veterinarian Training

Two options exist for recertification of Johne's Certified Veterinarians.
Johne's Certified Veterinarian Training - Articles


The Johne's Disease program standards require that a Johne's Certified Veterinarian take a refresher course at least once every 5 years after the intial certification training. If you are a veterinarian and want to be able to continue to write herd management plans, you have two options for completing the refresher training.

Note: if you are not currently a Johne's Certified Veterinarian in PA, please contact Dr. David Zellner ( or 717-783-8555).

Option 1

Read five Johne's-related articles, publications, manuscripts, and/or reports from the library on the PA Department of Ag website.

Instructions for accessing the PDA Johne's Library:

  1. Click on the Johne's Page link.
  2. On the right side of the page, under "Other Useful Resources," scroll down to the "Veterinarian's Recertification Library," with links to various documents listed below. Choose five individual articles, publications, etc., from one or more of these sites.

After you have read one or more articles, please contact Dr. David Zellner (see above) with the title of the article(s), and a note verifying what you have read. He will keep record and notify you when you have met your quota of 5 articles, and when your next recertification/refresher due date will be.

Option 2

Attend a "refresher course" that has been approved by Dr. Ernest Hovingh () or Dr. David Zellner ( or 717-783-8555).

Please check with them before you attend such a course, to ensure that it will qualify, unless it is specifically listed as such. In some situations additional information may be requested about the content, length, and instructors for the course. There will also need to be a procedure established to confirm your participation in the course.

If you are unsure about whether or not you need to take a refresher/ recertification course at this time, please contact Dr. Zellner.

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