Joel Hunter

Educator Field and Forage Crops


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    • Crawford County

    About Me

    Joel serves as the Penn State Cooperative Extension Agronomy Educator for NW PA based in Crawford County. He is a member of the Penn State Agronomy and Natural Resources Extension Unit since 1995. Joel’s prior decade of industry experiences includes agronomic research, field seed production manager, agronomic inputs supply, and dairy. Joel holds two degrees in Agronomy from Penn State and has been a American Society of Agronomy Certified Crop Advisor since 1994.

    Joel has extensive experience in the areas of soil health through no-till systems using cover crops and rotations. Another particular area of interest includes forage quality: particularly cool season grasses and corn silage hybrids.  Most recently, he has worked with growing and processing both malting barley and hops. Earlier program efforts included locally pioneering research work with canola and camelina oilseed production/development based on renewable energy (oils) and high protein extruded meal. Joel’s expertise spans the spectrum of Agronomics in field and forage crops, soils, and pest management with extensive experience in pesticide education. Joel has participated in multiple international programs efforts involving trips to Kazakhstan, Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, the Republic of Georgia, and Kenya.




    MS Agronomy (PSU), BS Agronomy (PSU)