Japanese Beetle Management

Learn to recognize the damage Japanese beetles do to turfgrass and ornamental plants, and how to manage infestations. Earn pesticide applicator credits.
Japanese Beetle Management - Online Courses
Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
Length of Access: 365 days
Sections: 2
Length: 1 hour
Language: English
Note: Earn 2 Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture (PDA) Category 6, 7, 18, or 23 credits and a certificate of completion.

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Credits Offered:
06 Ornamental and Shade Trees
2 credits

07 Lawn and Turf
2 credits

18 Demonstration and Research
2 credits

23 Park or School Pest Control
2 credits

This asynchronous, self-paced course teaches Japanese beetle basics to turfgrass, lawncare, and landscape professionals.

Short videos show you how to recognize Japanese beetle/grub damage, the life cycle of Japanese beetles, how to survey and monitor for grubs, and the controls available for Japanese beetles/grubs—both chemical and non-chemical.

The last subsection of the course provides a list of damage-resistant trees and shrubs that you could plant, along with information and photos of each.

Both sections have a quiz at the end. If you are taking this course to obtain Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture (PDA) pesticide applicator recertification credits, you will need to pass each quiz with a score greater than 70%.

When you pass this course, you will earn a certificate of completion as well as two PDA recertification credits.

(Note: it may take 2 to 4 weeks for recertification credits to be reported to and verified by PDA.)

Who is this for?
  • Certified pesticide applicators
  • Turfgrass and lawncare professionals
  • Landscape professionals
What will you learn?

You will learn how to:

  • recognize the damage caused by the Japanese beetle
  • outline the life cycle of the Japanese beetle
  • compare different methods of controlling Japanese beetles
  • identify trees and shrubs that are resistant to Japanese beetle damage


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