IPM Rowhouse Project

This one-year project was funded by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
IPM Rowhouse Project - Articles


According to Griffin, the project focused on 19 homes in four Philadelphia neighborhoods. "We focused on rowhouses because of their close proximity to one another and the fact that pests do not stay in one place. Sharing information with neighbors helps everyone deal more effectively with pests," she explains.

At the beginning of the project, participants were surveyed about their attitudes and knowledge of pests and their control and home environment assessments were made. Participants were given "IPM Home Kits" consisting of buckets containing least-toxic pest control supplies and non-toxic cleaning products. The kits also contain information sheets and publications on the importance of least-toxic pest management and cleaning in relation to asthma, cancer and other health concerns. "Besides improved pest management, the project increased communication between neighbors," says Griffin. "Post interviews with the participants showed enthusiasm and dedication to making positive changes in their lives."

The project was funded by an EPA Region III Pesticide Environmental Stewardship grant.