IPM for Childcare Centers: Inspecting Your Facility Inside and Out

This video depicts a thorough IPM inspection (inside and outside areas) of a childcare center conducted by a trained IPM professional.
IPM for Childcare Centers: Inspecting Your Facility Inside and Out - Videos

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[music] Hi Randal, this is Sandy from the Bennett Center. How are you?

When we have a pest problem, the teacher will call it in to me and then I will call the office of Physical Plant and they will log it in and contact the appropriate people to come and take care of it as soon as possible.

I just got a call from Sandy at the child care center that they're having an issue with ants. So we're going to go and check in with Sandy and find out where these ants are at and do a thorough IPM inspection while I'm here. So let's go!

Hi Sandy. I heard you had a call with an ant problem. Hi Randal.

Yes, I did. It's down in room 103. Okay We'll get it taken care of for you. Okay, thank you!

First thing I want to take a look at is to look back here and make sure there's no debris and no points of entry in the corner here.

Everything seems to look pretty solid here.

Trash can has a cover. It looks good. I don't see any kind of activity around here.

[background noise of moving trashcan] And the next thing I want to take a look at are the entry points and make sure they are sealed for not only rodents but for any type of pests that could get in through here as well.

And it seems to be sealed here as well.

Very good. And this is always an issue with a lot of places - that are door seals are bad or they need door seals to be fixed.

[background noise] Everything seems to be sealed properly and looks like its in really good shape.

Next I want to take a look in this corner, pull this trash can out and see if we have any kind of activity, If anything has been dropped back behind here, that's always a good sign for ants. A lot of times a piece of fruit or something that has been left can cause an easy way for ants, or any kind of insect to enter.

Looks like everything is sealed good and is cleaned up of all debris. Looks good.

One thing that's critical to take a look at with trash cans, is to make sure you take the lid off and look inside [underneath] the liner because trash and different things and debris falls behind and inside of it and it's a good harborage for any kind of fruit flies and ants.

This should be cleaned out on a frequent basis.

It appears to have been cleaned and it looks good so they are doing what they are supposed to do. Something else we need to address is to check out this netting. There's been bird issues previously here.

Just make sure it's still in place and there are no entry points for birds to begin nesting again.

Make sure we take a look this screening. Make sure it's in proper shape and good for any birds doing any kind of nesting. It's been an issue before so we want to make sure it's sealed properly and in good shape.

And everything appears in good shape and shouldn't have any issues with any types of birds this year.

When I do an exterior inspection, I always like to take a look above to make sure that there are no types of nests or any kind of bee issue. I also like to take a look at this screening here to make sure that it's properly sealed because that's good entry point for them to get up inside.

It appears that everything looks good. I don't see any type of stinging insects or any types of nests. While doing my exterior inspection, I noticed there has been some type of bird issue previously, with the droppings on the side. One thing to handle this would be to, once the eggs have hatched and there's nothing in the nest remove the nest, clean it properly, and you could also place spikes up here to prevent this from occurring again.

The next thing I want to take a look at is this drain, to make sure it's properly sealed.

This is another good entry point for any type of insect. It appears to be pretty well sealed and not much of an access point for any type of insect to get through here.

Looks good.

Here is a drain. As we looked previously at the one before which was in great shape this is one that needs an action plan. It looks like it's been hit by something.

It came loose. It's a great entry point for insects to get into the building. So this is something that needs to be addressed right away.

Behind me we see some debris here this is another good harborage for insects and is something that would need to be cleaned up as well to help prevent any kind of entry point or nesting near the building.

Alright, the next thing I want to take at is the screening here to make sure it's in good shape and that's it's sealed so that no types of insects can get in the classroom.

Everything appears to be properly sealed and still in good shape.

I don't see any types of cracks and crevices around the windowsill as well which can become an issue and a great entry point for pests.

[noises from children inside the classroom] The next thing I want to take a look at is the sign outside on the exterior to make sure there's no type of nest or any type of bird of activity.

A lot of times you'll find nests in the letters, especially like in the "c" where it's rounded and they can fit in there. On top you'll see possible bird droppings. That's a good sign there was activity previously.

I really don't see any types of nests or stinging insects around the sign. Everything appears to be in good shape.

Another area I want to take a look at is the dumpster just to make sure it's sealed properly and look inside and check for any kind of stinging insects or wasps. This is usually a good area where they'll build nests and people will bring trash out and be stung so we need to make sure everything looks pretty good.

Something else you want to check on the dumpster is to make sure that the lids close and that they seal properly and fit the right way.

This lid is on and it's been emptied recently which is good, and it's sealed tight, so that's good. Something else we want to take look at is behind the dumpster, this is a good area to look for any type of rodent burrows.

This is a good area for rats to be around the dumpster area and could cause problem for your facility.

[outside noise] And it appears there is no activity. Everything looks pretty good here.

Something that I noticed here while walking around the exterior of the building, is the branches aren't touching the building yet, but they are close. This is something that will need to be addressed and be trimmed back because this is a good entry point for insects, especially ants.

Carpenter ants, a lot of times will travel on the branch on to the roof and make their way into the building. So this is something that should be cut down or trimmed back.

Something else I noticed as well on my exterior inspection is mulch. Mulch is a good harborage point for insects, especially for termites. They love mulch, it's like candy to them.

So I would recommend at least keeping the mulch down and away from the building, but if you can go with a different type of product that be would highly recommended to cut down on any pest entry into your facility.

I noticed the pipes and everything coming out here. This is another good entry point for insects. You want to make everything is properly sealed and that there's no entryway or way for them to get into the building. Take a look and make sure everything is sealed properly. And if not, you need to let the right people know to get this corrected.

[outdoor noise] Some of the sealant is actually broken off here and this will need to be addressed to help prevent an entry point for insects.

[outdoor noise] Looking in here to make sure the screening is in good shape to prevent any kind of flying insect or insects to get in. It's sealed properly and the screen is tight, so that's good.

[outdoor noise] Here's an area that you can take a look at that obviously could use a little bit more of a sealant.

There are some openings here allowing easy access for insects and possibly rodents as well.

Something else we want to take a look at, a lot times you get flies and different types of flying insects inside the building A lot of it has to do with the placement of the light and the color of the light. A white light close to the door obviously is going to be an attractant for any type of flying insects, which is going to lead them to be able to get inside with this many people that are coming in and out.

So to help minimize that problem, one is better placement of lights, and also possibly use a different color light to help from attracting the flying insects.

Here's a good example with the shrub placement on the outside of the building Typically you see shrubs up close to the building. These are far enough away which is great. With shrubs being close to the building it's a great harborage point for rats and for mice.

Having them away from the building is excellent and a good job by this facility.

One area that's critical to look at at a child care center is the outside, the playground area, especially during this time in the spring and summer for stinging insects.

There are actual areas here where they can build nests and the children can be in the way of being stung. This is critical in your IPM inspection to make sure that you check thoroughly all the proper equipment outside and make sure it's free and clear of any types of nests and any types of insects.

[outdoor noise] And this one is free and clear of any nests and any insects so the children are safe to play.

Another thing I noticed while out here doing the inspection is to check out the water table. One thing that's excellent about this is that the pipe, here, is sealed. That will prevent any type of wasp entry, which is excellent. Something else you want to be careful with with water, this is done right and properly because it is covered. But if it's left open this is a good harborage area for mosquitoes and their larvae.

That can cause mosquito issues.

This is something else you want to take into consideration when doing your inspection.

[sounds of kids playing outside] One thing I want to do while I'm here and we do on every visit is to inspect the bedding and take a look to make sure we don't see any signs of bed bugs.

If there was an outbreak, we would want to stop it before it got too bad.

Something else you want to take a look at are the belongings, because if there is a problem with bed bugs, and you do find them, you're going to have to keep everything bagged, separate, and sealed to be able to find the actual infestation, where it came from. It is a good idea that these are sealed like this, but you want to inspect the lockers in each of the classrooms, just to take a look to see if you see any kinds of signs for any type of bed bug activity.

[indoor noises] Normally I would take out a container and look at the contents to make sure there are no signs of bed bug activity.

Taking a look at it is a good idea to do.

The next area I want to inspect is the mini kitchen that's in between the classrooms.

I want to make sure that you try to keep it as picked up a possible and eliminate the clutter which would make for a good inspection, to be able to find everything, and also to prevent any kind of harborage for any type of insects.

Typically in this room we would put out a couple of monitor glue boards just to give an idea if there is any activity and then check them when we come back to make sure they are pest free.

[sounds of children playing] The next area I want to take a look at is the sink, just to make sure that the sink is sealed properly and that there are no leaks from the pipes down below because this is a good point for insects, especially roaches. It appears that there are no types of leaks and everything is sealed the way it should be.

Everything looks good. The next area I want to take a look at is the inside of the windows. When we did the exterior inspection we looked at the exterior and made sure everything was sealed properly. Now were going to look at the inside to make sure there are no types of cracks or crevices, and that everything on the inside is sealed right. We'll take a look here and see, make sure the screen is in the proper place and that there's no access point for insects.

Everything appears to be sealed correctly.

Something else I noticed here it's not an issue, but if you look there are hanging plants by windows. This is a good opportunity for debris to fall out or water to spill.

As you can tell, they've done a good job here. There are no issues.

But this could cause different types of problems including if there is a heater underneath here, it could cause mold eventually if the water running down through.

It's something you need to be aware of when handling plants.

The next area I want to take a look at is the restroom, the kid's restroom in the classroom, just to inspect and make sure is picked up and clean and there are no types of leaks or issues that need to be addressed as far as to prevent insect entry.

This room appears to be clean. The floor is clean. There is no type of debris or anything left over.

There are no leaks at all, so everything is sealed properly.

Next thing I want to take a look at is the trash can. Just like we looked at the trash can on the outside, it's equally important to check on the inside to make sure there is no type of spillage in the can and that the can is cleaned out. We'll take this bag out and take a look at it.

It's important to inspect this once again to make sure there's no type of material or debris that would create a problem with fruit flies or any types of gnats in the classroom. This trash can has been cleaned and looks in good shape.

Hi, how are you doing? Hi, good to see you.

I'm just here to do normal routine inspection. I want to stop by and check the kitchen to see if you're having any issues with anything. Sure, anytime we have any issues, we would call you immediately and you would take care of it. Okay, well I'm going to ahead and do an inspection and place out a monitor just to make sure, that way it's here so when we come back next month to check to make sure you're not having any issues. Okay. Alright. Sounds good. Great, thank you Check and make sure that stuff is away from the wall and look for any type of rodent dropping or insects here.

The other thing I like to do is check these mats and make sure they are dry and have been cleaned because this is a good harborage point for types of fruit flies and gnats. If this gets built up and isn't cleaned, a lot of times they will come from underneath here.

Everything looks good under here. Clean.

Check under here for any type of activity. I don't see anything.

Again you want to check the trash cans to make sure they are clean. And check underneath and make sure they've been emptied out as well.

Appears to be fine.

Also want to check the windows like we did before in the classroom just to make sure they are properly sealed and the screens are in good shape to prevent any type of entry.

And they are.

Check for any cracks or crevices as well, especially with the kitchen being a high area with everything insects need. You want to make sure everything is sealed properly.

Place a monitor out to make sure that there's no type activity back here and place it up against the wall.

[machine noise] That way it's out of the way and we can come back and check it next month to see if there's been any activity since we've been here previously.

Check behind the trash can for any type of debris or anything that's been spilled over because that will be something that would cause insects, especially ants, to appear. Everything looks picked up and cleaned. I don't see any types of leaks coming from the sink.

Hi Sandy. Hi Randall. I'm all finished I went to the classroom and checked out the ants. There was actually a candy wrapper outside of the trash can so I picked that up. I put out a couple of monitor boards out just in case but if you're still having problems just give us a call and we'll be right back. Okay, we'll do that.

I did a thorough inspection, everything looks good. Something you want to keep an eye on with the fall coming, the rodents are going to start moving in. If you guys see any type of activity, or any signs at all, don't hesitate to give us a call and we'll come right back out. We'll give you a call right away.

Alright and I'll give you a copy of this service ticket for you to have. Okay, thank you, have a good day.

You too. Good-bye!


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