Introduction to Herbicides and Forest Vegetation Management Webinar Series

Join us for an introductory three-part webinar series and learn how to use herbicides to control forest vegetation.
Introduction to Herbicides and Forest Vegetation Management Webinar Series - Webinars
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When: Wed., Jan. 2, 9 and 16, 2019
(2:00 PM - 3:00 PM)

Where: Online/E-Learning

registration deadline: January 2, 2019
1:00 p.m.

Introduction to Herbicides and Forest Vegetation Management Webinar Series will provide attendees with an introduction to forestry herbicides, application methods, equipment, products, and treatment guidelines for controlling competing and invasive vegetation.

To Be Covered

Forestry labeled herbicides are a low risk, economical, and effective means of controlling undesirable vegetation in forests. They can be used for achieving many objectives including:

  • Establishing Desirable Regeneration
  • Increasing Tree Growth and Timber Production
  • Creating and Enhancing Wildlife Habitat
  • Controlling Non-Native / Invasive Plants.

These live online sessions will examine the use of herbicides to manage forest vegetation and provide information to address some misconceptions concerning herbicide use in forests. Forestry labeled herbicides are effective and environmentally sound; however, their use remains controversial.

Out of necessity, forest landowners and resource managers are increasingly turning to herbicides to manage vegetation. A number of factors are increasing the need for vegetation management, including vegetation interfering with forest regeneration, poorly planned and executed timber harvesting practices, declining pulpwood markets, and increasing abundance of invasive plant species.


Wednesday, January 2, 2019
Wednesday, January 9, 2019
Wednesday, January 16, 2019

02:00 pm Personal and Environmental Safety of Forestry Herbicides This presentation will examine the case for using herbicides in forestry and provide the audience with talking points. Items on the pesticide label are examined, including labeled sites, pests, rates, and application methods. Pesticide toxicity, in regards to how it relates to signal words, personal protective equipment, and effects on wildlife, are discussed. Lastly, we will cover environmental fate of forestry herbicides and how it relates to persistence or half-life.

02:00 pm Herbicide Application Equipment and Techniques This presentation will cover different application equipment and techniques within the Vegetation Management industry, from large scale spray operations to small scale spray operations for private landowners. The techniques portion will cover applications such as backpack, ultra-low volume thinvert, and forestry mist blowers. In addition, the presentation will discuss some different equipment options available according to target species and site criteria.

02:00 pm Competing and Invasive Plant Management in Forest and Fields of Pennsylvania This presentation will cover the major competing and invasive plants and shrubs encountered in forests and old fields in Pennsylvania. Herbicide prescriptions and application methods will be provided for various problem competing and invasive plants.


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