Introduction to Grain Elevator and Feed Mill Fires

This training is designed to teach emergency responders the importance of preplanning for fires and other emergencies involving grain elevators and feed mills.
Introduction to Grain Elevator and Feed Mill Fires - Articles


Program Description and Needs

This program is a must for fire companies that have these facilities in their response districts. Understanding the many hazards in these facilities and how to properly and improperly manage a fire involving grain dusts can mean the difference between life and death. A tour of a local facility will reinforce classroom discussions and demonstrations.

Intended audience

emergency responders (fire, rescue, EMS, police, 911 dispatchers)



PPE required

None specifically. Comfortable and sturdy clothing for touring local feed mills. Considerable climbing may be required.


$50 per person. Grant assistance may be available.


6 hours of contact time consisting of 2 hours of classroom lecture/discussion; 4 hours of facility touring.


Minimum of 10. Maximum of 50.

Local resources needed

Classroom facility to comfortably seat registered participants for first two hours and last half hour. At least one local feed mill and/or grain elevator that will allow class in to tour the facility and discuss hazard areas and response strategies with plant operators.