Introduction to Equipment

All farming enterprises will need some type of equipment to produce the products for sale. This may be a $300,000 combine or a $2,000 tractor.
Introduction to Equipment - Articles


Regardless of what type of farming you are planning to pursue or are engaged in, you will need equipment and supplies. There are many tractors available in various sizes. Some companies specialize in larger horsepower tractors while others specialize in smaller horsepower tractors. You will need to match the size with your needs. Some tasks will require more horsepower than others. If you plan to have only one tractor, research the most power you will need and match your equipment needs to that figure.

There are many equipment dealers and many local businesses that sell equipment from specific equipment manufacturers designed to meet the needs of local agricultural enterprises. You may need to search for equipment or supplies outside your immediate area if you are planning an enterprise that is not locally common. There are also many small enterprise-specific equipment dealers throughout Pennsylvania. If you are just beginning or diversifying your farm, check with other farmers engaged in the same type of enterprise to determine where they purchase equipment and supplies. There are too many of these small dealers to list here. However, most types of enterprises are covered in the following pages.