How to Get a Spotted Lanternfly Permit From the PA Department of Agriculture

The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture (PDA) is requiring Pennsylvania businesses to get spotted lanternfly (SLF) permits.
How to Get a Spotted Lanternfly Permit From the PA Department of Agriculture - News

Updated: July 11, 2018

How to Get a Spotted Lanternfly Permit From the PA Department of Agriculture

Keep your permit in your vehicle. Photo: Emelie Swackhamer, Penn State

This permit indicates that you are aware of the SLF and are taking appropriate steps to avoid spreading this invasive insect. Owners or managers of companies are encouraged to take the permit training and then use the available presentations as tools to train the people in the company. When you pass the SLF permit exam, you will receive permits for your vehicles, which allows regulators to recognize that you are in compliance with the SLF permit regulation.

Do you need a permit?

Businesses that use company vehicles and actively move products or supplies around the quarantine zone or in and out of the zone need an SLF permit. (Businesses with current SLF compliance agreements issued in the past may continue to utilize the compliance agreement and certificates issued until contacted by the PDA.).

PDA explains the regulation in two articles called “Do I need a Permit?” and “What the New SLF Quarantine Means for You” If you still are not sure that you need an SLF permit, you can inquire at your regional office of the PDA.

Some meetings are being organized for businesses to attend SLF permit training. To find out if a meeting is being offered in your area contact your regional office of the PDA.

You can also get an SLF permit on-line.

1. Visit

2. Click Spotted Lanternfly (SLF) link on left-side of the page.

3. Click the ‘Quarantine’ box.

4. Review ‘Permit Training’ link under Business Resources.

5. Review ‘Biosecurity Training’ link

6. Review ‘Integrated Pest Management Training’

7. Determine the number of permits required.

  • The person(s) responsible for overseeing vehicles and training, such as the owner, manager, or supervisor from each company, should take the online SLF exam after reviewing the SLF training materials.
  • Consider span of control as to how many people take the exam.
    It may be necessary for more than one person to complete the exam depending on how many vehicles your business has.
  • It is unreasonable for one person to be responsible for 2000 vehicles.
  • The number of permits will be requested during the registration for the exam. The person taking the exam should enter the number of vehicles (power units) they will be responsible for overseeing.

8. Click ‘SLF Permit Exam’ link.

NOTE: Print a screen shot or take a picture of the screen acknowledging you passed the exam and keep in your possession until a permit is mailed to you in about 2 to 3 weeks.

9. After the exam is completed and passed, that person is considered the trainer for employees in the company who drive company motor vehicles within and/or who move in and out of the SLF quarantined counties in PA.

  • An SLF permit shall remain in each vehicle.
  • The SLF trainer for each company shall keep records of which employees were trained by the trainer, the date of the training, shipping and receiving invoices indicating an inspection, and records of SLF inspections for each vehicle inside the SLF areas.
  • Trainers may instruct their employees to use the ‘SLF Permit – Employee Exam’ link located on the Spotted Lanternfly Quarantine website under Business Resources.

PDA and Penn State are working to have an improved on-line course to get an SLF permit available sometime in August.

Please tell other business leaders about the SLF permit requirement. Law enforcement officials in some neighboring states have stopped commercial vehicles at the state borders and asked for SLF compliance documentation. PDA also has the authority to ask for SLF compliance documentation.

Getting an SLF permit for your business will not only help you meet the regulation requirements, but it will also help you understand why we are concerned about the SLF, learn about SLF biology and life cycle, and implement biosecurity practices for your business to help stop the spread of SLF.

Remember to ‘Look Before You Leave’ to avoid spreading this destructive pest!

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