Home Orchards: Table 2.4. Plant Protection Materials

Informational table showing pesticides available for home garden use on various fruit crops.
Home Orchards: Table 2.4. Plant Protection Materials - Articles


Gerald Holmes, California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo, Bugwood.org

This table includes examples of products available to home gardeners for use on various fruit crops in Pennsylvania. This list was current as of April 14, 2005. Other formulations exist with the same active ingredients as some of the products listed above that may or may not be labeled for the same uses. Always consult the label before making pesticide applications.

Caution: Broad-spectrum insecticides (those with a large number of pests listed on the label) have significant potential to be harmful to non-target organisms such as bees and other beneficial or predatory insects.

Active Ingredients Contained in ProductsExamples of Products Containing Listed IngredientCompanyApplesPearsPeachesNectarinesPlumsApricotsCherriesGrapesStrawberriesRaspberriesBlackberriesBlueberriesGooseberriesCurrantsElderberiesHardy Kiwi
Calcium PolysulfidebSureguard Lime Sulfur SolutionValue Garden Supply, LLCYYYYYYYY
CaptanFruit Tree SprayBonideYYYYY
Captan 50WPBonideYYYY
Agway Complete Fruit Tree SprayAgwayYYYYY
Ferti-Lome Liquid Fruit Tree SprayVoluntary Purchasing GroupsYYYYYYY
ChlorothalonilFungonil Multipurpose FungicideBonideYYYYY
Garden Disease ControlOrthoYYYYY
CopperbLiquid Copper FungicideBonideYYYYYYYcYYY
Copper Spray or DustBonideYYYYYY
Tenn-Cop 5EGriffin LLCYYYYcYYYY
MancozebMancozeb FlowableBonideYYY
Neem Oilb70% Neem OilMontereyYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
Fungicide 3 ConcentrateGarden SafeYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
Oil: Petroleum/ ParaffinicbUltrafine Year-Round Pesticidal Oil

Sun-spray (Sunoco)YYYYYYY
Sulfur Plant FungicideBonideYYYYYYYYYYYY
Dusting Wettable SulfurHi-YieldYYYYY
Garden Fungicide for Flowers, Fruit, and VegetablesSaferYYYY

b Certain formulations of these active ingredients exist that are suitable for organic production. They may be listed with the Organic Material Review Institute (OMRI), and their classification may be acceptable or restricted. For specific information, check the Web sites www.omri.org or www.paorganic.org.
c Sour cherries only