Home Fruit Gardens: Table 8.6. Pesticide Recommendations for Strawberries

The important insects and diseases to be controlled, except for viruses, root rot, verticillium wilt, and nematodes, are listed in the right-hand column in the spray schedule.
Home Fruit Gardens: Table 8.6. Pesticide Recommendations for Strawberries - Articles


Always consult the label before making pesticide applications. Labels vary greatly among commercial products of the same material. It is important to refer to the label for the best timing and application rates when applying pesticides. Also read the text for information on cultural practices to minimize the application of pesticides. Due to a wide array of various products containing the same active ingredient, for insecticide recommendations, when appropriate, the active ingredient is listed instead of the name of formulated product.

Caution: Broad-spectrum insecticides (those with a large number of pests listed on the label) have significant potential to be harmful to non-target organisms such as bees and other beneficial or predatory insects.

Follow all instructions and application rates listed on pesticide labels.

Time to SpraySuggested MaterialsPests to Be Controlled
Before flowers openMalathion or Pyrethrum
BloomCaptanFruit rot, leaf spot
Fruit coloring through harvestCaptanFruit rot, leaf spot
PostharvestCaptan + Sulfur; Malathion or Pyrethrum or Carbaryl, Safer Soap, summer oilsLeaf spot; powdery mildew; mites, if present