Herbs for the Home Gardener

Grow, harvest, and use the most common herbs.
Herbs for the Home Gardener - Guides and Publications
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Herbs for the Home Gardener provides details on growing and using herbs; the history of herb use; definition, types, and uses of herbs; planting, propagation, and cultivation; harvesting and preserving herbs; cooking with herbs, and decorating with herbs. Also included is a directory of the most commonly used herbs (anise, basil, sweet, bay, sweet, bergamot, borage, caraway, catnip, chamomile, chervil, chive, coriander, dill, fennel, garlic, horehound, horseradish, hyssop, lavender, lemon balm, lemon verbena, lovage, marjoram, sweet, oregano, parsley, peppermint, rosemary, sage, spearmint, summer savory, sweet woodruff, tarragon, thyme, winter savory) and their requirements.
Who is this for?
Home gardeners
What will you learn?
Growing and using herbs; history of herb use; definition, types, and uses of herbs; aromatic, cosmetic, and decorative uses; culinary and medicinal uses; herbs for beginning gardeners; outdoor herb culture; planting, propagation, and cultivation; winter protection; harvesting and preserving herbs; drying herbs; freezing herbs; indoor herb gardening; cooking with herbs; basic cooking guidelines; herb butters; herb vinegars and oils; using herbs with main dishes; using herbs in beverages; using herbs in breads; decorating with herbs; using herbs in potpourris; using herbs to create wreaths; using herbs to make dyes


Michael Orzolek, Ph.D.


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