Herbicide Summary - Pathway

Used to control unwanted trees and brush on forestry sites by using cut surface application methods.
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Common Name: Picloram-5.4% and 2,4-D-20.9%

Formulation: Ready-to-use liquid (amine salt)

Signal Word: Caution

Toxicity: Practically nontoxic; oral LD (50): >5,000 mg/kg

Use Classification: General use

Minimum Required Personal Protective Equipment: Long-sleeved shirt, long pants, chemical-resistant gloves, protective eyewear, shoes, and socks; for containers larger than 1 gallon, but smaller than 5 gallons, loaders transferring contents must wear coveralls or chemical-resistant apron

Carriers: Ready-to-use, no mixing required

Activity: Absorbed through cut surface and root uptake

Mode of Action: Concentrates in actively growing tissue (meristems), causing uneven cell growth and division

Selectivity: Will not harm grasses

Precautions: Affects nontarget plants at very low concentration if product is allowed to drift off site or is applied within root zone of desirable trees; do not apply to soils with rapid permeability, shallow water tables, or to soils containing sinkholes over limestone bedrock

Application Methods: Cut stump, stem injection, frill girdle

Manufacturer: Dow AgroSciences