Herbicide Summary - Pathfinder II

Used any time of year to control individual stems and cut stump re-sprouting; stumps can be treated up to one month following cutting.
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Common Name: Triclopyr-13.6%

Formulation: Ready-to-use, oil-soluble liquid (ester)

Signal Word: Caution

Toxicity: Slightly toxic; oral LD (50): 1,000 mg/kg

Use Classification: General use

Minimum Required Personal Protective Equipment: Long-sleeved shirt, long pants, chemical-resistant gloves, shoes, and socks

Carriers: Ready-to-use, no mixing required

Activity: Absorbed through bark and cut surface

Mode of Action: Acts by disturbing plant growth; accumulates in plant meristems (growth regions)

Selectivity: Little or no impact on grasses

Precautions: Do not apply directly to open water or to water present in wetlands; toxic to fish; untreated trees can be affected by movement of herbicide through root grafts with treated trees

Application Methods: Basal bark and cut stump

Manufacturer: Dow AgroSciences