Herbicide Summary - DMA 4 IVM

Controls many annual and perennial broadleaf weeds, vines, and woody plants when they are actively growing; generally used for forest site preparation and conifer release including Christmas trees.
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Common Name: 2,4-D- 46.3%

Formulation: Water-soluble liquid (amine salt)

Signal Word: Danger

Toxicity: Slightly toxic; oral LD (50):1,000 mg/kg

Use Classification: General Use

Minimum Required Personal Protective Equipment: Long-sleeved shirt, long pants, waterproof gloves, shoes, socks, protective eyewear, and waterproof gloves; for containers larger than 1 gallon, but smaller than 5, loaders transferring contents must wear coveralls or chemical resistant apron

Carriers: Water

Activity: Absorbed through foliage, cut surface, and root uptake

Mode of Action: Selective systemic, acts a a growth regulator (synthetic auxin)

Selectivity: Little or no impact on grasses; can be applied over conifers once they have hardened off in late summer

Precautions: Can cause irreversible eye damage; drift or runoff may adversely affect aquatic invertebrates and nontarget plants; use caution when handling to prevent contamination of ground-water

Application Methods: Foliar spray, frill girdle, stem injection, cut stump, basal bark

Manufacturer: Dow AgroSciences