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Healthy Homes highlights the connection between health and housing and how to take a holistic approach to identifying and resolving problems that threaten the health and well-being of residents.
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The seven principles of Healthy Homes are:

  1. Keep it dry
  2. Keep it clean
  3. Keep it ventilated
  4. Keep it pest-free
  5. Keep it safe
  6. Keep it contaminate-free
  7. Keep it maintained

Healthy Homes has been adopted by several federal agencies, and is supported by the CDC, EPA and HUD. Many lead poisoning prevention programs are transitioning to Healthy Homes, expanding on their success in controlling lead poisoning in homes. Healthy Homes usually brings together multiple agencies - public health departments, housing inspectors, visiting nurses, weatherization agencies, health care providers, non-profit and community organizations, etc. - to address housing conditions. HUD has been active in promoting IPM in public housing.

The PA IPM program is a training partner of Healthy Housing Solutions, Inc., and conducts training regularly.

We conduct trainings in:

  • Essentials of Healthy Homes for Practitioners - two-day flagship workshop
  • Healthy Homes for Community Health Workers - one day workshop for staff who conduct home visits.
  • IPM for Multi-family Housing - IPM for apartments and row homes; for residents, property managers, facilities staff, and pest control operators.
  • Other workshops for specific situations - child care centers, schools, foster families, immigrant populations, and many others.

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