Growers' Series: Fertility Strategies for Vegetable Growing

Learn strategies for different vegetable crops and techniques for producing your own natural, low-cost fertilizers
Growers' Series: Fertility Strategies for Vegetable Growing - Workshops
Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
Length: 2 hours
Language: English

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When: May 4, 2019, 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Where: Heritage Farm at Methodist Services
4300 Monument Rd
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19131
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registration deadline: May 3, 2019
11:59 a.m.

For our May Growers' Series workshop*, join us at Heritage Farm with Farm Manager Adrian Galbraith-Paul to explore different approaches to ensure plants have proper fertility. Learn how to choose the right fertilizers and make affordable fertility using resources that you likely already have access to. Build an understanding of nutrient demands for leafy greens compared to fruiting crops and leave with a plan for building the right kind of fertility for your growing space.

*This workshop is part of the Penn State Extension Growers’ Series, a free/donation-based, monthly educational workshop series (October-May) that highlights Philadelphia-based growers implementing innovative, sustainable agricultural practices in their production spaces and their communities. Held in various locations across the city, each workshop is hosted in partnership with and led by Philadelphia-based grower(s) with support from Penn State Extension. Workshops typically feature a combination of formal instruction, interactive activity, and discussion and program participants are encouraged to actively contribute.

Who is this for?

Farmers and gardeners

What will you learn?

Nutrient need for specific crops, how to choose the right type of fertilizer, and how to make affordable fertilizers using materials that are easily accessible.


Adrian Galbraith-Paul


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