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When: Thu., Jan. 3, 2019
(8:00 AM - 6:00 PM)

Where: Delaware Valley University
700 E Butler Ave.
Doylestown, Pennsylvania 18901
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registration deadline: January 2, 2019
11:59 p.m.

The Green Industry Conference provides green industry professionals with timely and practical information on new trends, techniques, and scientific research as well as an opportunity to earn reertification credits for a variety of professional certifications. Industry experts, college and university researchers, and trade professionals will be present at this regional program.

To Be Covered

The conference features session topics for participants to choose based on their career interests including technology, leadership, design/install, and more. Spanish speaking breakout sessions available!

Credit Information

  • Forms for PLNA-PCH CEUs available at the end of the program at the Registration Desk.
  • PDA credit forms in each session.
  • This conference has earned 8 CEUs for PLNA-PCH.


Thursday, January 3, 2019

08:00 am Registration & Refreshments (Atrium) Sponsored by Feeney's Nursery

08:30 am Welcome (Auditorium) Sponsored by Pennsylvania Landscape and Nurseryman’s Association (PLNA)

09:00 am Keynote: Landscape Pest and Disease Update from the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture (Aud.) Dana will be speaking on Boxwood Blight, Spotted Lanternfly, Sudden Oak Death, Asian Longhorned Beetle, and Thousand Cankers Disease. She will also talk about trees and shrubs found in landscape and movement of pests through pathways associated with the nursery and landscape industry.
Credits: PDA Course - 001PG9, PC-2, 05-2, 06-2, 23-2

09:45 am Visit Vendors / Move to Breakout Sessions

Breakout Session 1

10:00 am Tech Talk: Grow Your Toolbox to Tackle Green Industry Challenges (Rm. 104) New challenges arise for green industry businesses every year. Frequently these challenges are rooted in labor availability, new or persistent pests, cost-of production and operation, or consumer demand. Advancing technologies and new tools can help Green Industry businesses tackle some of these issues, but they need to know what is available and practical for them. This presentation will highlight some new and emerging technologies available to the Green Industry along with some of their practical implications and use.
Credits: PDA - No Credits

10:00 am Hell Strips (Rm. 102)

10:00 am Maintaining Healthy Trees and Shrubs in the Landscape (Rm. 103) Learn how to monitor and maintain tree and shrub health, identifying insect and disease pests in the landscape. Explore treatment strategies for several key pests such as Emerald Ash Borer, Hemlock Woolly Adelgid, Gypsy Moth as well as several diseases such as Fire blight, Anthracnose, and Cytospora canker to name a few. Learn about eradicative pruning and its role in managing some key insects and diseases in the landscape.
Credits: PDA Course 001PGM, PC-02, 06-2, 23-2

10:00 am I do not plan to attend Breakout Session 1.

10:00 am Winter Tree Identification (Auditorium) Develop the confidence and identification tricks to tell different woody species apart without their leaves. Dress appropriately for a hands on outdoor walk.
Credits: PDA - Course - 001PGB PC - 3, 06 - 3, 23 - 3

10:00 am Greenhouse IPM Learn the foundations and theory behind the "toolbox" approach to managing greenhouse pests. We'll discuss IPM strategies, as well as review the biology and control of several of our arthropod enemies.
Credits: PDA Course 001PGF, PC - 2, 22-2

10:00 am *Spanish Speaking Session: Pesticide Recertification Update (Rm. 105) A number of core topics, including pesticide record keeping, label comprehension, SDS information, and frequent mistakes will be covered.
Credits: PDA Course 001PGY, Core - 2

11:00 am Visit Vendors / Move to Breakout Sessions

Breakout Session 2

11:15 am Let's Look at the New Perennials: 2018 Introductions (Rm. 102) Every year Sharee sees dozens of new perennials listed in catalogs and always looks forward to seeing a few selections in person at MANTS. All of them aren't winners, some look just like what they already have, and only time in the ground will tell them how good they will be in our region. Sharee will pull out the perennials that look interesting and help participants decide what is supposed to set these selections apart from the crowd.
Credits: APLD, PCH, ASLA , PDA Course 001-PGJ, PC-2, 06-2, 23-2

11:15 am *Spanish Speaking Session: Pollinators in Pennsylvania (Rm. 105) This session will cover pollinator diversity in Pennsylvania and the effects of pesticides on pollinators.
Credits: PDA Course 001PGZ, Core - 2

11:15 am I do not plan to attend Breakout Session 2.

11:15 am What’s New in Turfgrass Grub Control (Rm. 104) Update on grub activity, grub species, control strategies, and newer products.
Credits: PDA Course 001PGV, PC-2, 07-2, 23-2

11:15 am Pesticide Recertification Update (Rm. 105) Dan will be speaking on a number of core topics, including pesticide record keeping, label comprehension, frequently seen mistakes, and more.
Credits: Core - 2

11:30 am Biocontrols in Landscapes (Rm. 103) The identification and conservation of naturally occurring predators and parasites can play an important role in landscape pest management. We will discuss resources that can help with learning how to identify beneficial insects, and go over insecticides that have the least detrimental impact on their populations.
Credits: PDA Cat. 6, 18, 23.
Pending Credits: ISA and PCH PDA Course 01PGN, PC-2, 06-2, 23-2

11:30 am Greenhouse Disease (Rm. 101) Take a deep dive into prevention and control of foliar diseases including Botrytis, Rhizoctonia, fungal and bacterial leaf spots, mildews and more. Get detailed fungicide rotation strategies, cultural best practices and practical prevention tips for growers at every level.
Credits: PDA Course 001PGG, PC-2, 06-2, 07-2, 22-2

12:15 pm Lunch (provided) - Del Val Dining Hall Sponsored by Turf Equipment & Supply

Women in Horticulture Networking Lunch will take place at this time, please look for announcements during the conference.

01:30 pm Practical Application of Soil Amendments & Biochar (Auditorium) Soil remediation on new and existing landscapes can be daunting. This session will explore soil amendments, such as compost, pine bark, sand, and biochar, for urban landscapes that provide positive impact in the root zone. Credits: PDA, ASLA, PCH and ISA PDA Course 001PGC, PC-2, 06-2,07-2, 23-2

02:30 pm Visit Vendors / Refreshments / Move to Breakout Sessions Sponsored by Bartleet Tree Experts

Breakout Session 3

03:00 pm Planting the Right Plant in the Right Place: The Special Nature of Native Plants (Rm. 103) What do we need to think about as we build our gardens and landscapes? How can we create a landscape that is attractive and sustainable? Light, moisture, and soil characteristics play a critical role in how native plants adapt to the plant community we create. Can native plants learn to adapt to our changing environment?
Credits: PDA Course 001PGP, PC-2, 06-2, 23-2

03:00 pm I do not plan to attend Breakout Session 3.

03:00 pm Spotted Lanternfly Identification and Management (Rm. 104) Heather will talk about the impact of the invasive insect, spotted lanternfly, across the green industry and other commodities. She will provide an overview of the research happening and the current best management practices for controlling this insect.
Credits: PDA Pesticide credits and New Jersey Fertilizer: 1 Unit, APLD: 1 CEU, NALP: 1 CEU, NJNLA - CNLP: 1 Environment, PDA Course 001PGW, PC-2, 06-2,07-2, 23-2

03:00 pm *Spanish Speaking Session: IPM Basics (Rm. 101) Maria's talk on Integrated Pest Management will cover IPM history, a comprehensive description of all techniques available and the importance of understanding the interaction between pests, pesticides and the environment.
Credits: PDA Course 001PGX, Core-2
Sponsored by Octoraro Nursery

03:00 pm Emergency Response/ Preparation & Design: Decisions to Reduce the Frequency of Use (Auditorium) Credits: PDA Course 001PGD, Core - 2

03:00 pm Developing SMART Goals and Mission Statements for your Business (Rm. 101) Part 1: This presentation details designing realistic and achievable goals for your operation. By the end of the session participants will have at least one written goal for their life or business that they can begin using right away.
Part 2: A simple and unique mission statement can be the cornerstone for building your business. Whether you use it in marketing; to communicate your ideals to your employees or to help make faster decisions, it is one of the best tools that you can use to be more competitive in business. This session will help participants get started writing a mission statement and knowing what (and what not) to include, to get them on their way to fulfilling the true mission of their business.
Credits: PDA - No Credits

03:00 pm Underused Plants in the Landscape (Rm. 102)

04:00 pm Networking Session (Upstairs Lobby) Sponsored by PGMS and Delaware Valley University Alumni Relations


Commercial Horticulture (Green Industry, Vegetable, Tree and Small Fruit and, Mushroom Productions) Integrated Pest Management Farm Food Safety - FSMA and GAP Latino Community Outreach Beginning Farmer Conservation Practice

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Mark Highland

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Dana Rhodes

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