Fumigation Management Plan

Phosphine product labels now state that a written fumigation management plan is required before an application is made.
Fumigation Management Plan - Articles


This covers both grain bins and groundhog burrows. The fumigation management plan requirement is to ensure the safety of the applicators, employees and the surrounding community. It will guide an applicator to follow all the label requirements as well as help ensuring an effective fumigation job.

Several checklist type plan formats are available to use. The sections on these are generally broken down into seven parts; preliminary structure and site assessment, employee notification, notification of local emergency units (fire department, police), sealing procedures, application procedures and safety during the period of fumigation, monitoring procedures and post application procedures.

Fumigation management plan forms are available online. Go to the support section and select grain bins (structures) or animal burrows. Product suppliers may also have these forms available. If you need help obtaining these fumigation management plan forms, contact your local Extension office.