Frequently Asked Basic Questions

Some miscellaneous questions we often get can be checked out here. Most deal with PaPlants.
Frequently Asked Basic Questions - Articles


I Live in What Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture Region?

To find the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture (PDA) Regional Office nearest you, refer to the Regional Offices Map.

Why Should I Register for PaPlants?

If you become a registered user of PaPlants, you can see all your certifications and payments received by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture (for renewal fees), exams taken, and recertification meetings attended. You can pay for your renewal fees and update your address, phone number, and email address.

How Do I Register on PaPlants?

To become a registered user, go to the PaPlants website and click on Logon/Register on the bottom left, then select Register. In order to register, you must have your Plants ID and PIN ID numbers. These numbers are included on any correspondence you receive from the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture Bureau of Plant Industry. Once you get these numbers, then you can create your own username and password, and that is what you will use to gain access to the PaPlants database in the future.

Do I Have to Keep Records of My Pesticide Applications?

Commercial/Public applicators must maintain records for each application. Private applicators are required to maintain records only for all applications of restricted use pesticides. Operations that employ agricultural workers or handlers covered by the Worker Protection Standard must keep records for all pesticide applications. All pesticide application records must be maintained for three years, completed within 24 hours of the pesticide application, and contain the following information:

  • The date of application, and for those pesticides specifying a reentry period, the hour of completion
  • The name and address of the application site (Commercial applicators must also record the name and address of the customer if it differs from the application site.)
  • The brand name, EPA registration number, amount, and rate or dosage of each pesticide used
  • Size and identification of the area treated for agronomic crop applications
  • The names and certification numbers of all persons involved with the application
  • In addition to the information listed above, agronomic crop application records must also include restricted reentry interval and crop treated.

Where Can I Get a Copy of a Label and a Safety Data Sheet?

Several websites provide access to pesticide labels and SDS. Kansas State University maintains this collection of links to many MSDS databases throughout the country. In addition, these should also be available from the dealer where the product was purchased or from the manufacturer of the product.

What is the Hypersensitivity Registry?

The Pennsylvania Pesticide Hypersensitivity Registry, which is maintained by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, is a list of people who have been verified by a physician to be excessively or abnormally sensitive to pesticides. Commercial and public pesticide applicators must contact anyone on the registry whose listed location is within 500 feet of a pesticide application site.

Notification is mandatory and must be made not less than 12 hours and not more than 72 hours prior to the pesticide application. Notification requirements are met if the information is placed on a telephone answering device, or information is given to an adult contacted by dialing any of the listed telephone numbers. Information that must be provided includes: date, location of application, brand name of the pesticide(s) used, and a copy of the label if requested.

For more information about the Hypersensitivity Registry, see our Pennsylvania Pesticide Hypersensitivity Registry Fact Sheet and Application .