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Federal Income Taxes: Four Essential "To Do's" for Forest Landowners
Federal Income Taxes: Four Essential "To Do's" for Forest Landowners - Articles Articles

Federal Income Taxes: Four Essential "To Do's" for Forest Landowners

Michael Jacobson, Ph.D., Charles David Ray, Ph.D.

As a forest landowner there are relatively simple things you can do to save money by paying less income tax. More
Using Insect and Tick Repellents Safely
Using Insect and Tick Repellents Safely - Articles Articles

Using Insect and Tick Repellents Safely

Steve Jacobs, Sharon I Gripp

Repellents are chemicals applied to provide relief and protection from mosquitoes, ticks, and other biting pests. Proper and safe use of these chemicals is necessary. More
Large trees in forest
Forest Biodiversity: Understanding Biological Health in Our Forests - Articles Articles
This article provides strategies for conserving forest biodiversity, provides a brief overview of species of concern in Pennsylvania, and suggests ways you can conserve biodiversity in your forest. More
Integrated vegetation management can be as simple as using a brush saw to cut undesirable vegetation and a backpack sprayer to apply an herbicide to the cut surface to prevent resprouting.
Integrated Forest Vegetation Management - Articles Articles
To sustain healthy forest ecosystems it is necessary to consider multiple vegetation management practices using a systematic approach called Integrated Vegetation Management (IVM). More
For large infestations specialized brush mowing equipment, such as the Fecon Bull Hog, can be used. Mowing will help remove the competitive height advantage and provide access for chemical treatments on resprouts.
Mechanical Control of Forest Vegetation - Articles Articles
This control approach involves hand or machine removal of interfering plants. Mechanical control practices generally involve cutting the target plant. More
Forest Stewardship: Earning Income from Your Forestland
Forest Stewardship: Earning Income from Your Forestland - Articles Articles
As a forest landowner, you may wonder whether you could improve you income by putting the land to work. This article covers the basics of business planning, and offers case studies and examples. More
A river winds through forested mountains covered with autumn colors.
From the Woods: Forest Stewardship - Articles Articles

From the Woods: Forest Stewardship

Sanford S. Smith, Ph.D.

This article explains basic concepts of forest stewardship and wise management of natural resources. More
Tree seedling in forest
Sustainable Forestry - Articles Articles

Sustainable Forestry

Michael Jacobson, Ph.D., Sanford S. Smith, Ph.D.

Sustainable forestry is about managing forests to provide wood, clean water, wildlife habitat and beautiful landscapes. More
Japanese and Giant Knotweed
Japanese and Giant Knotweed - Articles Articles

Japanese and Giant Knotweed

David R. Jackson

Japanese knotweed (Polygonium cuspidatum) and Giant knotweed (Polygonum sachalinensis) are two invasive, exotic weeds found throughout much of the United States and Canada. More
Japanese Barberry
Japanese Barberry - Articles Articles

Japanese Barberry

David R. Jackson

Japanese barberry (Berberis thunbergii) was introduced from Japan around 1875. It now ranges from Nova Scotia south to North Carolina, and westward to Montana. More
Multiflora Rose
Multiflora Rose - Articles Articles

Multiflora Rose

David R. Jackson

Multiflora rose is a noxious, non-native shrub considered an invasive weed because of its aggressive growth habit that excludes native plants. More
Oriental Bittersweet
Oriental Bittersweet - Articles Articles

Oriental Bittersweet

David R. Jackson

Oriental bittersweet is a non-native woody, perennial vine that covers and kills native plants by blocking sunlight, weighing the plants down, and girdling stems and trunks. More
Forest Stewardship: Estate Planning
Forest Stewardship: Estate Planning - Articles Articles

Forest Stewardship: Estate Planning

Michael Jacobson, Ph.D.

If you own forest lands, you probably want them to remain in the family.This publication covers the basics of estate planning for woodland owners. More
Tending Your Piece of the Forest
Tending Your Piece of the Forest - Articles Articles

Tending Your Piece of the Forest

Allyson Brownlee Muth, Ed.D.

By taking an active role, you can protect and improve the condition of your forest. More
Forest Stewardship: Wildlife
Forest Stewardship: Wildlife - Articles Articles

Forest Stewardship: Wildlife

Margaret C. Brittingham, Ph.D.

Wildlife is an integral part of any healthy forest community. The information provided will provide you with the basic knowledge needed to begin wildlife stewardship on your property. More
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