Maple Syrup

Information on producing maple syrup, including collecting maple sap, using buckets or a tubing system with an artificial vacuum, and tips for beginners to the industry.

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Beginner Maple Syrup
Beginner Maple Syrup - Workshops Workshops
Have you wondered how maple syrup is made? Have you ever considered making your own maple syrup from your own trees? More
Photo by Aleksandar Radovanovic
Forest Products - Articles Articles
Forest products may include lumber and its byproducts, medicinal plants, maple syrup, and mushrooms just to name a few. More
Loch's new evaporator purchased with assistance from REAP
USDA Rural Development's Rural Energy for America Program - Articles Articles
The USDA Rural Development Rural Energy for America Program may assist maple syrup producers in the purchase of new more energy efficient production equipment. More
Maple Syrup Production for the Beginner
Maple Syrup Production for the Beginner - Articles Articles
Maple syrup is among the oldest natural food products produced in North America. Folklore credits the Native Americans with the discovery of this flavorful natural sweetener. More
How Aerial Systems Work
How Aerial Systems Work - Articles Articles
Aerial tubing systems should set up so that at every step in the process the sap is flowing down hill or is under some sort of positive pressure. Dips in the line will reduce flow dramatically. More
Tubing System Installation
Tubing System Installation - Articles Articles

Tubing System Installation

Michael Jacobson, Ph.D.

Upgrading your sap collection method with the installation of a tubing system. More
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Artificial Vacuum - Articles Articles
To increase your sap flow from your aerial tubing system, consider adding an artificial vacuum to the system. More
Collecting Maple Sap: Buckets or Tubing Systems
Collecting Maple Sap: Buckets or Tubing Systems - Articles Articles
The traditional way of collecting maple sap to produce maple syrup is with buckets, while the more modern way is with tubing systems. More
Maple Syrup Terminology
Maple Syrup Terminology - Articles Articles

Maple Syrup Terminology

Michael Jacobson, Ph.D.

List of definitions of terms used in maple syrup production. More
Maple Syrup: Beginning Commercial Production
Maple Syrup: Beginning Commercial Production - Articles Articles
If you have spent a year or two as a hobbyist and decide you like sugaring, this page will allow you to "scale up" you operation to small-scale commercial. More
Maple Syrup: New Producers and Hobbyists
Maple Syrup: New Producers and Hobbyists - Articles Articles

Maple Syrup: New Producers and Hobbyists

Michael Jacobson, Ph.D.

A chance for first time sugarer to learn the basics. More
Ground System
Tubing System Types - Articles Articles

Tubing System Types

Michael Jacobson, Ph.D.

Utilization of tubing decreases the labor involved in sap collection and may allow a producer to spend time more efficiently. This article outlines the proper way to install a tubing system. More
Maple Syrup Production
Maple Syrup Production - Articles Articles

Maple Syrup Production

Lynn Kime, Jayson K. Harper, Ph.D., Robert Hansen

The production of maple syrup requires access to suitable woodland and many hours of labor within a short season. More
Sugar maple sap is made into maple syrup in a sugarhouse.
From the Woods: Maple Syrup, A Taste of Nature - Articles Articles
This article explains how Pennsylvania's maple syrup makers create their product, from the seed of the maple to your table. More