Forage Production

Crop insurance for forage production (alfalfa and mixed alfalfa haystands) in Pennsylvania.
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Forage is insurable in a county where a premium rate is provided by the actuarial document and you have a share of the crop. The forage may be a stand of pure alfalfa; alfalfa and perennial grasses where 60 percent or more of the ground cover is alfalfa; or mixed alfalfa and perennial grasses where alfalfa makes up more than 25 percent but less than 60 percent of the ground cover.

To be insured, the forage crop must have been grown during 1 or more years after the year of establishment. The policy does not insure any acreage that does not have an adequate stand at the beginning of the insurance period; or is grown with a non-forage crop.

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Forage Production RMA Fact Sheet (2017 crop year)