Soil Fertility and Management

Information on soil fertility and management of vegetable crops, including quality assessment, transplanting and container growth. Tips on crop rotation, compost, growing a cover crop for nitrogen and organic nutrient sources.

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El arar puede beneficiar o perjudicar la calidad del suelo. Foto cortesiá de Penn State Extension.
Introducción a los Suelos: El Manejo de los Suelos - Articles Articles
El Manejo de los suelos More
Moldboard plowing, shown here, is a type of primary tillage. Photo courtesy of Penn State Extension
Introduction to Soils: Managing Soils - Articles Articles
This article provides information on how different soil management practices affect soil quality and crop production. More
Collecting a soil sample to measure soil quality. Photo courtesy of Penn State Extension.
Introduction to Soils: Soil Quality - Articles Articles
Soil quality is how well soil does what we want it to do. A healthy, high-quality soil is fertile, has good soil structure, and is biologically active. More
Recolección de una muestra para análisis de suelo. Foto cortesiá de Penn State Extension
Introducción a los Suelos: La Calidad de los Suelos - Articles Articles
La calidad del suelo es lo bien que el suelo hace lo que queremos que haga. Un suelo sano y de alta calidad es fértil, tiene buena estructura del suelo y es biológicamente activo. More
Using Organic Nutrient Sources
Using Organic Nutrient Sources - Articles Articles

Using Organic Nutrient Sources

Elsa Sanchez, Ph.D., Tom L. Richard, Ph.D.

This guide is intended to help growers interpret soil test recommendations for using organic nutrient sources. The information presented applies to both organic and conventional farms. More
Photo credit: United Soybean Board, Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)
Web Soil Survey: A Valuable Source of Information - Articles Articles

Web Soil Survey: A Valuable Source of Information

Andrew Frankenfield, Mike Basedow

Useful information is available on the web to the beginning farmer or someone who has been tending the soil for years. More
Fertility Considerations for Potatoes - Articles Articles

Fertility Considerations for Potatoes

William Lamont, Jr., Ph.D.

The following should be considered when developing a fertilizer program for potato production. More
Classificación de Verdura Estacional
Classificación de Verdura Estacional - Articles Articles
Puede clasificar plantas conforme con las temperaturas que producen incremento óptimo. More
Rye Hairy Vetch. Photo: Elsa Sanchez
Growing Cover Crops for Nitrogen on Vegetable Farms - Articles Articles

Growing Cover Crops for Nitrogen on Vegetable Farms

Elsa Sanchez, Ph.D., Charles White

There are a lot of good reasons for using covers crops on vegetable farms including recycling or adding nitrogen to the soil. More
Spent Mushroom Substrate
Spent Mushroom Substrate - Articles Articles

Spent Mushroom Substrate

David Meigs Beyer, Ph.D.

Spent mushroom substrate is the soil-like material remaining after a crop of mushrooms. Spent substrate is high in organic matter making it desirable for use as a soil amendment or soil conditioner. More
Banking Potassium: Getting A Bit Ahead On Tomato Consumption
Banking Potassium: Getting A Bit Ahead On Tomato Consumption - Articles Articles
One of the greatest challenges in growing tomatoes in an intensive production system is keeping up with the plants high consumption of potassium during fruit production. More
These peas were planted no-till after forage radish. Photo: D. Liker, Gorman Farm.
No-till, no Herbicide Planting of Spring Vegetables - Articles Articles
It is easier to plant early spring vegetables after winter cover crops if you use low residue winter-killed crops. More
Howard F. Schwartz, Colorado State University,
Saline Soils and Plant Growth - Articles Articles

Saline Soils and Plant Growth

Elsa Sanchez, Ph.D.

This article outlines plant response and ways to measure soil salt levels. More
Container Grown Tomatoes
Container Grown Tomatoes - Articles Articles

Container Grown Tomatoes

Tom Butzler, Thomas Maloney, Darryl Dressler

Tomatoes are probably the #1 container vegetable that interests gardeners after herbs. More
Container Grown Peppers
Container Grown Peppers - Articles Articles

Container Grown Peppers

Tom Butzler, Thomas Maloney, Darryl Dressler

This article, coupled with the advice in "Growing Great Container Vegetables #1: General Recommendations", should get you on the path to success. More
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