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Recommendations for managing weeds, pests and diseases in vegetables like corn, tomatoes, potatoes, onions, asparagus, squash and peppers. Tips on dealing with worms, maggots, leafminers, beetles and mites, and scouting pests with your smartphone.

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Yellowmargined leaf beetle (YMLB) adult. Photo: Michael Skvarla, Penn State
Yellowmargined Leaf Beetle Serious Pest in Pennsylvania - Articles Articles

Yellowmargined Leaf Beetle Serious Pest in Pennsylvania

Michael J. Skvarla, Shelby Fleischer, Ph.D.

Yellowmargined leaf beetle (YMLB) (Microtheca ochroloma) is a serious pest of cruciferous crops. More
Small Fruit & Vegetable Meeting
Small Fruit & Vegetable Meeting - Workshops Workshops

Small Fruit & Vegetable Meeting


Brockway, PA

Join us for for pesticide updates and to learn about pest issues in small fruits and vegetables. More
Asexual spore, Sporangia of Phytophthora capsici, host: Cucurbita spp. L. Photo: Paul Bachi, University of Kentucky Research and Education Center,
Vegetable Disease Research: Tools in the Battle Against Phytophthora - Articles Articles
Over the past decade, Phytophthora blight has dramatically spread to “clean” farms. As a result, growers have seen healthy crops completely fail. More
High Tunnel Vegetable Crops: Designing a Scouting Plan
High Tunnel Vegetable Crops: Designing a Scouting Plan - Articles Articles

High Tunnel Vegetable Crops: Designing a Scouting Plan

Elsa Sanchez, Ph.D., Cheryl Frank Sullivan, Margaret Skinner

Scouting for insect and mite pests and their natural enemies in in high tunnels is the cornerstone for successful integrated pest management (IPM). More
Yellow Striped Armyworm is on the March
Yellow Striped Armyworm is on the March - News News
And heading to your tomato greenhouse or high tunnel! More
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign ,
Treated Seed for Flea Beetle and Stewart's Wilt Management in Sweet Corn - Articles Articles
Most of you are aware of the insecticide Admire or Provado (active ingredient is imidacloprid), for control of Colorado potato beetle and striped cucumber beetle. More
Sweet Corn Thresholds
Sweet Corn Thresholds - Articles Articles
The larvae of 3 species of moths (typically called "worms") infest sweet corn ears. The thresholds change with the growth stage of the corn. More
End of Season Clean-up
End of Season Clean-up - Articles Articles
Insect populations tend to slow when there is a cool growing season, but there is plenty of insect management activity to consider. More
John C. French Sr., Retired, Universities:Auburn, GA, Clemson and U of MO,
Corn Earworm in Sweet Corn - Articles Articles
The corn earworm, Helicoverpa zea , is a very important pest of sweet corn. It can also be a pest in tomatoes, cotton, sorghum, vetch, and other hosts. More
Mary Ann Hansen, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University,
Cabbage Maggot - Articles Articles
The cabbage maggot is often mistaken for the housefly. Agriculturally, the cabbage maggot is a very destructive pest of cruciferous vegetables. More
Allium Leafminer Adult
Alert: The Allium Leafminer is active! - News News
The Allium Leafminer has emerged this week and we are already seeing feeding damage signs. Protect your crop! More
Explorando e Identificando Enfermedades en Tomates
Explorando e Identificando Enfermedades en Tomates - Videos Videos

Explorando e Identificando Enfermedades en Tomates

Marley E Skinner, Montserrat Fonseca Estrada, Tianna DuPont, Mike Basedow


Este video revisa los fundamentos de la exploración adecuada y la identificación de enfermedades comunes y sus síntomas. More
Sclerotia of Slerotinia White Mold (Timber Rot) on a tomato stem.
Frequently Asked Questions about Timber Rot on Tomato - Articles Articles
I lost a lot of tomato plants to Sclerotinia/White mold/Timber Rot this past season, while I’ve seen some in past years, why was it so bad this season? More
Figure 2. Pupae in base of allium plants. They have been in the pupal stage throughout the summer, and should emerge as adults this fall. Photo: L. Donoval.
Fall Re-Emergence of the Allium Leafminer - News News
It’s soon time for emergence of allium leafminer adults. More
Corn earworm trap in Montgomery County, PA. Photo: A. Frankenfield, Penn State
PestWatch Report on August 9, 2017 - News News
Although CEW are low in most locations, captures can change rapidly at this time of year. More
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