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Scarid Fly
Sciarid Fly in Commercial Mushroom Production - Articles Articles
Sciarid flies, Lycoriella mali, have been the most devastating insect in the Pennsylvania mushroom industry, at least since September of 1979. More
Figure 1
Bacterial Blotch Disease - Articles Articles

Bacterial Blotch Disease

David Meigs Beyer, Ph.D.

Bacterial blotch may be endemic on mushroom farms, damaging mushroom quality and posing a potential yield loss. More
Green Mold of Mushrooms
Green Mold of Mushrooms - Articles Articles

Green Mold of Mushrooms

David Meigs Beyer, Ph.D.

Green mold is characterized by dense white mycelial growth followed by extensive green sporulation of the fungus. More
Figure 1. Mushroom infected with Verticillium dry bubble showing the mass of tissue symptoms.
Verticillium Dry Bubble - Articles Articles

Verticillium Dry Bubble

David Meigs Beyer, Ph.D.

This article is designed to be a constructive review of Verticillium Dry Bubble, the most common fungal disease of the commercial mushroom Agaricus bisporus. More