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Leaf infected with Marssonina. Photo: K. Peter, Penn State
2018 Disease Update: Marssonina Blotch on Apple Trees - News News
Marssonina blotch is a foliar disease first identified in Pennsylvania in September 2017. Conditions are favorable for this disease and symptoms have been observed in several orchards. More
Photo: Tara Baugher, Penn State
Scarf Skin Reduction Trials in Grower Orchards Show Promise - News News
Scarf skin is a physiological disorder of apple fruit that causes a dull gray cloudy or waxy appearance on the surface of the peel (epidermis) where it is most readily observed on varieties with a red or dark red background. More
Symptoms of potassium deficiency.
Assessing and Managing Potassium Concentration in the Vineyard - Articles Articles
Potassium (K) plays a critical role in many plant physiology and biochemistry processes such as photosynthesis, osmoregulation, and enzyme activation. More
Photo 1. Codling moth larvae feeding inside the fruit. Photo: G. Krawczyk, Penn State
Tree Fruit Entomology Update for the End of August 2018 - News News
Pennsylvania has experienced a combined average per location of about 20 inches of rain during the last 5 weeks. More
Tree Fruit Disease Toolbox - Fungicide Resistance Management
Tree Fruit Disease Toolbox - Fungicide Resistance Management - Articles Articles
Resistance has sometimes resulted in pest-management-program failures. Below are presented tactics to help delay resistance to fungicides. More
Codling moth monitoring trap. Photo: Greg Krawczyk, Penn State
Insect Bytes: Pest Management Update for Mid-June, 2018 - News News
First-generation flights of codling moth, tufted apple bud moth, and obliquebanded leafroller continue, second-generation Oriental fruit moth about to start, monitor for leafhoppers, woolly apple aphids, San Jose scales, and European red mites. More
Photo: Worker Protection Standard (WPS) Respiratory Protection Guide, Pesticide Educational Resources Collaborative, Rev. October 2017
Respirator Fit Test - News News

Respirator Fit Test


As growers are aware, the Worker Protection Standard (WPS) requirements for handlers of agricultural chemicals have changed. More