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Information on forage and grazing management of crops such as wheat, alfalfa, fescue, sorghum, corn, rye, canola, clover and birdsfoot trefoil. Tips on determining pasture yield, no-till crop management, crop rotation, silage, haylage and baleage.

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Photo Credit: Zachary Larson, Penn State Extension
Planting Green Impacts on Corn Emergence - Articles Articles
Corn planted into standing un-rolled cover may show reduced yields due to lower populations and greater plant height variability. More
Timothy hay field infected with Cereal Rust Mites; notice the curled leaves. Photo Credit: Andrew Frankenfield, Penn State Extension.
Time to Scout for Cereal Rust Mites in Timothy - News News
Cereal rust mites are a small but destructive pest that could be robbing yield and quality from your timothy hay fields. More
Photo Credit: Greg Roth, Penn State Extension.
Strategies for Planting Corn and Soybean Varieties - Articles Articles
Having a good plan for planting corn and soybean varieties can improve yields, minimize potential weather risks, and help to facilitate earlier planting of cover crops and small grains. More
A field with and without a soybean burndown herbicide program. Photo: Dwight Lingenfelter, Penn State Weed Science
Dicamba Products and Xtend Soybeans - News News
Not all dicamba-containing products are RUPs and not all can be applied in a burndown application prior to planting Xtend soybeans. More
New growth on alfalfa. Photo credit: Creative Commons CC0;
Assessing Your Alfalfa Stand this Spring - Articles Articles
As alfalfa breaks dormancy this spring, take time to evaluate the condition of your stand. Is it good enough to keep? More
Field with a mixed population of herbicide resistant and susceptible marestail. Photo: Bryan Young, Purdue Weed Science
Managing Weeds for the Future - Articles Articles

Managing Weeds for the Future

Dwight Lingenfelter

Weed management is primarily dictated by herbicide resistance. Mechanisms of resistance and ways to optimize herbicide use and include other management options are discussed. From the 2018 Corn and Soybean Congress. More
A weedy alfalfa field. Photo: Penn State Weed Science
Spring Weed Control in Alfalfa - Articles Articles

Spring Weed Control in Alfalfa

Dwight Lingenfelter

As spring approaches, forage weeds can become a problem. Certain herbicides can be applied but timing is critical. See information below of more details. More
Pasture Workshop
Pasture Workshops - Workshops Workshops
Dr. Jessica Williamson, Penn State Extension Forage Specialist and local expert’s present unbiased research-based information on various topics from Pasture Planning to Improving Forage Quality. More
Winter Barley Trials Photo: Greg Roth
Spring Malting Barley Trials Posted Online - News News
Results of a spring barley evaluation effort between North Dakota State University, Penn State and other universities in the northeast for the past two years have been posted online. More
Burcucumber in Corn Field Photo: Penn State Weed Science
Burcucumber Management in Corn and Soybean - Articles Articles
Burcucumber continues to plague some corn and soybean fields in the region. Consider some of the recommendations below to manage this problem weed. More
Hemp Plots at Rock Springs Photo: Greg Roth, Penn State
Industrial Hemp Trial Report - Articles Articles

Industrial Hemp Trial Report

Gregory W. Roth, Ph.D.

In 2017, we conducted several trials to assess the potential of Industrial Hemp and several management variables as it affected seed production. More
Enhancing Dairy Farm Productivity and Profitability with Double-Cropping
Enhancing Dairy Farm Productivity and Profitability with Double-Cropping - Workshops Workshops
Penn State research and extension personnel, farmers, and farm advisors will share some of what they have learned when winter annual forages are included in the dairy production system. More
Sheep grazing in pasture. Credit: Creative Commons CC0;
Frost Seeding Time is Here - Articles Articles
Are your pastures looking a little thin? Now is the time to consider frost seeding as an option to thicken forage stands. More
Potential to Integrate Grazing into No-Till Systems
Potential to Integrate Grazing into No-Till Systems - Articles Articles

Potential to Integrate Grazing into No-Till Systems

Sjoerd Willem Duiker, Ph.D., CCA

This publication details rotating perennial pastures with annual crops, grazing cover crops, and grazing crop residue—all of which show promise to improve profit and soil health and increase diversity on crop farms. More
Photo credit: Dwane Miller
Outstanding Lineup Slated for the 2018 PA Forage Conferences - Articles Articles
Visit with industry professionals and farmers and enjoy the day listening and learning about educational topics pertaining to forage production! More
Photo credit: CC0 Creative Commons;
Successful Grass-Fed Production with High Quality Forage - Articles Articles

Successful Grass-Fed Production with High Quality Forage

Jessica A. Williamson, Ph.D., Tara L. Felix

High quality forage should be the main component of a successful grass-fed beef operation. More
Crawford County Ag Day
Crawford County Ag Day - Conferences Conferences
Join us for the 2018 Crawford County Ag & Dairy Day, an educational day with presentations and dozens of exhibitors. More
Frost Seeding of Pastures
Frost Seeding of Pastures - Articles Articles
Are your pastures looking a little thin? Read about frost seeding as an option to thicken forage stands. More
Play it Cool with Stored Grain
Play it Cool with Stored Grain - Articles Articles
Prevent mold in stored grain by making easy adjustments to temperature in the bin. More
Photo caption: Fall pasture walk, Nicole Santangelo, PSU
Tips for Fall Grazing Pastures - Articles Articles

Tips for Fall Grazing Pastures

Nicole Santangelo, Jessica A. Williamson, Ph.D.

Does grazing fall pastures have implications for spring regrowth? More
Grazing Warm-Season Annuals
Grazing Warm-Season Annuals - Webinars Webinars

Grazing Warm-Season Annuals

Watch Now

1 hour

This webinar discusses the role and management of warm-season annuals in a grazing system. More
Photo credit: Greg Roth
Corn Drydown Issues - News News

Corn Drydown Issues


With slow drydown in areas, it may be beneficial to identify fields that are good candidates for early harvest based on crop conditions and grain moisture. More
Grazing Corn Residue Grazing Corn Residue - News

Grazing Corn Residue


Corn stover is often used as ground cover baled for bedding for the winter season, but it can also be utilized as a forage in some situations where feed supplies are limited. More
Photo caption: Canadian thistle in a grass hay stand 3 weeks after cutting. This a good stage of growth to spray with a herbicide in the fall.
Fall Management of Grass Hay Fields and Pastures - News News
Help your forage plants prepare for winter survival and spring regrowth. Weed control, soil fertility and liming are a few key factors to consider this fall. More
Photo credit: Jessica Williamson
Extending the Grazing Season Using Brassicas - News News
Brassicas can be an excellent alternative to perennial pastures and a good option available to extend the grazing season longer into the fall. More