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Hay Bales (Nicole Santangelo, PSU)
Making Hay Stretch - News News

Making Hay Stretch


Now is the time to start thinking about how to stretch your hay reserves through the winter. More
Photo credit: Patrick Drohan
Soil pH Affects Forage Production - Articles Articles

Soil pH Affects Forage Production

Jessica A. Williamson, Ph.D., Charles White

Soil pH can be one of the greatest determinates of forage productivity and stand life. More
Determining Pasture Yield
Determining Pasture Yield - Articles Articles

Determining Pasture Yield

Marvin Hall, Ph.D.

Direct and indirect methods of determining pasture yield. More
Growing Corn and Corn Silage on a Budget
Growing Corn and Corn Silage on a Budget - Articles Articles
Whether you grow corn for grain or silage, learn about some management factors you can control. More
Cattle graze cover crops in a field.
Cover Crops for Livestock Grazing - Articles Articles
Nutrient sequestration, weed suppression, improved soil health, and increased success with no-till are some of the reasons to use cover crops. More
Gerald Holmes, California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo, Bugwood.org
Short Rotations for Alfalfa Profitability - Articles Articles
Rotating alfalfa to corn has many economical advantages. More
Where to Send Samples for Analysis
Where to Send Samples for Analysis - Articles Articles
Once you have gone to the effort of correctly collecting a sample, how can you be sure that the results you receive from the testing laboratory are accurate? More