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Oats as a cover crop have a high C:N ratio. Photo: Emelie Swackhamer
Farm-Tuning Soil Fertility With Cover Crop Mixtures - Articles Articles
Cover crops are important for recycling nitrogen and building long-term soil nitrogen reserves in soil organic matter (SOM). More
Photo credit: Steve Culman
Managing Soils - Articles Articles
The goal of good soil management is to meet essential plant needs for water, nutrients, oxygen, and a medium to hold their roots with as little management as possible. More
The Penn State Agronomy Guide
The Penn State Agronomy Guide - Guides and Publications Guides and Publications

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Comprehensive information on crop, soil, and pest management for farms of all sizes. More
Dwarf BMR Forage Sorghum, Annual ryegrass, Crimson Clover and Radishes seeded late July 2013 after Sweet corn. Mixture was green chopped for cattle feed in September. Remaining annual ryegrass and crimson clover over wintered and was burned down in April.
What Cover Crop Should I Plant? - Articles Articles

What Cover Crop Should I Plant?

Andrew Frankenfield

Keep your goals in mind when selecting cover crops and cover crop mixtures. More
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Cover Crops in Home Gardens Improve Soil and Reduce Erosion - Articles Articles
Planting a cover crop at the end of the harvest will benefit your garden in the seasons to come. More
Precut Rye Straw
Precut Rye Straw - Videos Videos

Precut Rye Straw

Andrew Frankenfield

Precut rye straw is a good alternative to conventional small grain straw since it is made in late spring and many crops can be planted after it's harvest. More
2016-2017 Short-lived Grass and Cover Crops Trial
2016-2017 Short-lived Grass and Cover Crops Trial - Articles Articles
Results of the Penn State 2016-2017 Short-lived Grass and Cover Crops Trial located at the Penn State Agronomy Farm, Centre County. More
Figure 5. Alternating row configuration is one strategy to manage competition between species in a mixture. Here forage radish alternates with Austrian winter pea.
Making the Most of Mixtures: Considerations for Winter Cover Crops - Articles Articles
This article discusses tailoring a cover crop mixture, building a complementary mix, determining which species to use, methods to establish mixtures, and considerations when terminating mixtures. More