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Hazards of Flowing Grain - Articles Articles

Hazards of Flowing Grain

Dennis Murphy, Ph.D., Davis E. Hill

Flowing grain has many hazards that may go unnoticed. This task does not seem to demand much attention to safety until an incident occurs. More
Heat Treatments to Control Soil-Borne Pests
Heat Treatments to Control Soil-Borne Pests - Articles Articles
The objective of heat treatment of soil is to reduce the numbers of weeds, insects, and disease-causing organisms in the soil. More
Triticale cover crop.
Herbicide Considerations for Cover and Forage Crops - Articles Articles
Learn about carryover concerns for seeding cover crops after in-season corn and soybean herbicide applications. More
Diagnosing a Plant Problem 101
Diagnosing a Plant Problem 101 - Articles Articles
Use this step-by-step method to narrow down the possibilities of your plant problem, but don’t forget to ask the experts if you need to. More
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Seed and Seedling Biology - Articles Articles
In order to grow food with a minimum of external inputs, organic producers need to understand much about the biology of plants and ecological systems. More
Oats as a cover crop have a high C:N ratio. Photo: Emelie Swackhamer
Farm-Tuning Soil Fertility With Cover Crop Mixtures - Articles Articles
Cover crops are important for recycling nitrogen and building long-term soil nitrogen reserves in soil organic matter (SOM). More
Diversification of Your Operation, Why
Diversification of Your Operation, Why - Articles Articles

Diversification of Your Operation, Why

Lynn Kime, Jeffrey Hyde, Ph.D.

By diversifying, you are spreading the downside risk over more than one enterprise. More
Gerald Holmes, California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo,
Phytotoxicity - Articles Articles
Plant injury (phytotoxicity) may occur when chemicals are employed to protect plants from pests, fertilize plants, regulate plant growth, etc. More
Photo credit: D. Paashaus
Creating a Weed Management Plan for Your Organic Farm - Articles Articles
Successful weed management can make or break a new organic farm. These steps will help you get the upper hand on weeds. More
Sources Of Plant Disease In Greenhouses
Sources Of Plant Disease In Greenhouses - Articles Articles
Where do diseases begin? It is important to prevent losses due to plant pathogens by reducing or eliminating the numbers of pathogens at their source. More
White Clover
White Clover - Articles Articles

White Clover

Marvin Hall, Ph.D.

White clover (Trifolium repens L.) is a short-lived perennial that can reseed itself under favorable conditions, grows rapidly, and spreads via stolons. More
Ryegrass - Articles Articles


Marvin Hall, Ph.D.

Establishes rapidly, have a long growing season, possess high nutrient contents, and can be grazed and used for hay or silage. More
Photo credit: Steve Culman
Managing Soils - Articles Articles
The goal of good soil management is to meet essential plant needs for water, nutrients, oxygen, and a medium to hold their roots with as little management as possible. More
Potting Media and Plant Propagation
Potting Media and Plant Propagation - Articles Articles
This article outlines basic recipes for potting media and research on organic transplant production. More
Soils - Articles Articles
Your soils and soil structure may determine the crops you can produce. More
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