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Information on cover crops, including clover, wheat, canola, rye and hairy vetch, diversified grazing systems, no-till farming, managing soils and a crop adviser study guide. Tips on cover crop control and extending grazing season with brassicas.

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Planting Green 101: Penn State Research Summary
Planting Green 101: Penn State Research Summary - Articles Articles

Planting Green 101: Penn State Research Summary

Heidi Reed, Heather Karsten, Ph.D., John Tooker, Ph.D., Sjoerd Willem Duiker, Ph.D., CCA, William S. Curran, Ph.D.

This article explains the “why” and “how” of planting green with corn and soybeans, including practical management recommendations based on results from 3 years of research across 5 locations in Pennsylvania. More
Photo Caption: Kyle Imhoff
Weather Outlook for the Week of February 5, 2019 - News News
Our January thaw into February is about to come to an end. More
The Penn State Agronomy Guide
The Penn State Agronomy Guide - Guides and Publications Guides and Publications

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The Agronomy Guide provides comprehensive information on crop, soil, and pest management for farms of all sizes. More
Photo by Dwane Miller
Crops Conferences Kick-off in Lancaster, Lehigh - News News
Minnesota Grain Marketing educator Ed Usset to highlight the Penn State Crops Conferences in Lancaster and Lehigh Counties. More
Blake Vince, no-till grain farmer from Ontario, showcases a latex cast of earthworm burrows, old root canals, and cracks and fissures from his soil with PSU Extension Educator Claire Coombs. Sjoerd Duiker.
Northeast Cover Crop Council Conference Showcases Cover Crop Innovations - News News
This Conference featured a wide variety of cover crop presentations and networking opportunities for farmers, industry, government and non-government organizations, extension and research. More
Cover crops of rye or wheat established after corn or soybean grain harvest can still provide excellent soil protection in spring, recycle nutrients, and improve soil
There is Still Time to Plant Cover Crops - Articles Articles

There is Still Time to Plant Cover Crops

Sjoerd Willem Duiker, Ph.D., CCA

Getting cover crops established after corn or soybeans can be especially challenging due to delayed harvests. Nonetheless, farmers should still plant cover crops for many reasons. More
Weeds germinating in seedling wheat (D. Lingenfelter, Penn State Extension)
Fall Weed Control in Wheat and Barley - Articles Articles

Fall Weed Control in Wheat and Barley

Dwight Lingenfelter, William S. Curran, Ph.D.

As fall weeds compete with wheat and barley establishment, below are some herbicide options to consider. More
A promising stand of alfalfa in bloom. Image Credit: Jessica Williamson
Fall Forage Establishment - Articles Articles

Fall Forage Establishment

Jessica A. Williamson, Ph.D., Marvin Hall, Ph.D.

Pasture managers and hay producers have a window of opportunity in the late summer and early fall to improve existing or establish new stands through seeding. More
Visiting a field in Somerset County are (left to right) Brian Ishman, Local Seed Company; Ed Kreider, GROWMARK FS; and Albert McIntier, Bedford Farm Bureau Co-op. Image Credit: Zach Larson
Pennsylvania Crop Tour Assesses 2018 Growing Conditions - News News
Good, but not record-breaking yields may be expected for many farms across the state. More
2018 Wheat Planting Considerations
2018 Wheat Planting Considerations - News News
Much of our wheat yield potential is a function of decisions that are made in the fall. Take time now to make plans for a successful wheat planting season this year. More
Weeds growing in small grain stubble during late summer (PSU Weed Science, D. Lingenfelter)
Late Weed Control and Burndown Considerations Before Planting Fall Crops - Articles Articles
Suggestions are provided to prevent weed seed production at this time of year to reduce the weed seedbank for next season. More
Calves grazing in warm season annuals as part of the USDA-NRCS Management Intensive Grazing demonstration at Ag Progress Days (S. Duiker)
Soil Compaction When Grazing in a Wet Summer - News News
Managing soil compaction while grazing can be a challenge in a wet summer like we are experiencing now, but it can be done, as we learned last week at Ag Progress Days. More
Corn bound for silage harvest at silking stage (C. Guindon)
How Do I Know When it’s Time to Harvest my Corn for Silage? - Articles Articles
Timing is key when harvesting quality corn silage. Here’s how to make sure you’re hitting that window of opportunity. More
Overgrazing pastures compromises pasture production and exposes the soil to erosion
Avoid Overgrazing Your Pastures - Articles Articles

Avoid Overgrazing Your Pastures

Justin Brackenrich, Sjoerd Willem Duiker, Ph.D., CCA

The summer is upon us and cool season grasses are slowing down their growth. This is the time to pay attention so you don’t overgraze those pastures. More
Soil erosion is still taking its toll in Pennsylvania but can be addressed by using proper management
Eliminating Soil Erosion - Articles Articles

Eliminating Soil Erosion

Sjoerd Willem Duiker, Ph.D., CCA

Soil erosion is still our number one sustainability issue. With the excessive rainfall we’ve had many fields are showing the scars of rills and gullies. And yet … We have the tools – so let’s put them to work. More
Casey Guindon, PSU
Introducing a New Field and Forage Crops Educator in Bradford County - News News
Casey Guindon recently joined Penn State Extension’s Field and Forage Crop Team and is based in Bradford County, Pennsylvania. More
Frequent heavy rains delay planting. Photo credit: Andrew Frankenfield
Crop Insurance: Prevented Planting Details - Articles Articles
More widespread heavy rain has delayed the already delayed corn and soybean planting. Farmers are now considering their options if they still have corn and soybeans to plant. More
See planting green in action at these field days.
Planting Green Field Day - Workshops Workshops
See how planting into rolled cover crops can improve soil health and learn how it can be done on your farm. More
Hairy vetch, rye, annual ryegrass, and clover cover crop being grazed. Photo Credit: Sjoerd Duiker, Penn State University
Grazing Crop Residues and Cover Crops - Articles Articles

Grazing Crop Residues and Cover Crops

Sjoerd Willem Duiker, Ph.D., CCA

Grazing has been largely excluded from our croplands but is receiving new interest as an additional profit center for farmers as well as a way to improve soil. More
Photo Credit: Zachary Larson, Penn State Extension
Planting Green Impacts on Corn Emergence - Articles Articles
Corn planted into standing un-rolled cover may show reduced yields due to lower populations and greater plant height variability. More
How to Design a Cover Crop Mixture for Multiple Goals
How to Design a Cover Crop Mixture for Multiple Goals - Videos Videos

How to Design a Cover Crop Mixture for Multiple Goals

Barbara Baraibar Padro


Researchers describe the main findings of the “Cover Crop Cocktails” research project at Penn State looking at cover crop mixtures that can provide multiple benefits. More
Benefits and Challenges of Planting Cover Crop Mixtures
Benefits and Challenges of Planting Cover Crop Mixtures - Videos Videos

Benefits and Challenges of Planting Cover Crop Mixtures

Barbara Baraibar Padro


Farmers discuss what are the benefits and challenges of incorporating cover crop mixtures into their farming operations. More
Are Cover Crop Mixtures Cost Effective?
Are Cover Crop Mixtures Cost Effective? - Videos Videos

Are Cover Crop Mixtures Cost Effective?

Barbara Baraibar Padro


Farmers discuss when they think cover crop mixtures can be cost effective in an organic crop grain rotation. More
Crops Days
Crops Days - Workshops Workshops

Crops Days

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Learn about the newest innovations for the coming season and get information on the latest agronomic research, products, and technology! More
Grazing Warm-Season Annuals
Grazing Warm-Season Annuals - Webinars Webinars

Grazing Warm-Season Annuals

Watch Now

1 hour

This webinar discusses the role and management of warm-season annuals in a grazing system. More
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