Soil Fertility and Management

Information on soil fertility and management of agronomic crops, including quality assessment and conditions such as crusting, compaction and rill erosion. Tips on levels of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus, crop rotation and no-till yields.

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2018 Pennsylvania Forage Conferences
2018 Pennsylvania Forage Conferences - News News
The upcoming 2018 Pennsylvania Forage Conference will be held at two locations. Beneficial information for forage producers concerning hay and silage and grazing. More
Assessing Wheat Stands for Yield Potential and Nitrogen Application Timing
Assessing Wheat Stands for Yield Potential and Nitrogen Application Timing - Videos Videos
This video shows how to assess wheat fields for plant population and to determine when to top-dress nitrogen in order to stimulate plant growth and use nitrogen efficiently. More
Photo credit: Dwane Miller
Outstanding Lineup Slated for the 2018 PA Forage Conferences - Articles Articles
Visit with industry professionals and farmers and enjoy the day listening and learning about educational topics pertaining to forage production! More
A field must have greater than 25% crop residue cover or a cover crop to be eligible for winter manure spreading, along with other restrictions. Photo credit: Charlie White
The Do’s and Don’ts of Winter Manure Spreading - Articles Articles
If winter manure spreading is absolutely unavoidable, follow these requirements to do it legally. More
Upcoming Events for the Winter Season
Upcoming Events for the Winter Season - News News
Join us at a workshop to learn more about Hay Production, attend the Crop Conferences and Crop Days, or at a traditional session for pesticide applicators. More
Frost Seeding of Pastures
Frost Seeding of Pastures - Articles Articles
Are your pastures looking a little thin? Read about frost seeding as an option to thicken forage stands. More
No-till Tobacco Planting, Photo credit: Jeff Graybill
No-till Innovations in Tobacco - Articles Articles

No-till Innovations in Tobacco

Jeffrey S Graybill

New No-Till equipment helps Tobacco farmers reduce soil erosion. More
Manure Fertilizer, Photo Credit: Nicole Santangelo, PSU
Is Your Farm Ready for Inspection? - Articles Articles
By the end of 2018, 1 in 5 Pennsylvania farms within the Chesapeake Bay watershed will have been visited by the Chesapeake Bay Agricultural Inspections Program. More
No-Till Innovations in Tobacco
No-Till Innovations in Tobacco - Videos Videos
Learn about no-till tobacco production in Lancaster County PA. More
Improve soil structure and infiltration by adding cover crops to your rotation.
Soil Health Workshop - Workshops Workshops

Soil Health Workshop

Multiple Options Available

Learn how to improve your farm's soils and increase profitability through no-till, cover crops and crop diversity in this discussion-driven workshop. More
Can I Apply Potash in Winter?
Can I Apply Potash in Winter? - Articles Articles
Ensuring properly timed potassium applications where they are needed when conditions permit. More
How quickly can you increase soil organic matter content?
Can I Increase Soil Organic Matter by 1% This Year? - Articles Articles

Can I Increase Soil Organic Matter by 1% This Year?

Sjoerd Willem Duiker, Ph.D., CCA

Soil organic matter is a primary measure of soil health. It is important to monitor soil organic matter and try to increase it. But what is a realistic goal? More
Photo caption: Charlie White, PSU
Charlie White, Soil Fertility and Nutrient Management Extension Specialist - News News
The torch is passed in the soil fertility and nutrient management Extension program. More
Crops Conferences and Crops Days Sponsorship/Exhibitor Opportunities
Crops Conferences and Crops Days Sponsorship/Exhibitor Opportunities - News News
Please join us as a Sponsor or Exhibitor at the 2018 Penn State Extension Crops Conferences and Crops Days! A variety of educational programs will be offered. More
Crops Days
Crops Days - Workshops Workshops

Crops Days

Multiple Options Available

From: $15.00

To: $20.00

Learn about the newest innovations for the coming season and get information on the latest agronomic research, products, and technology! More
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