Soil Fertility and Management

Information on soil fertility and management of agronomic crops, including quality assessment and conditions such as crusting, compaction and rill erosion. Tips on levels of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus, crop rotation and no-till yields.

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Photo credit: Jeff Graybill
Farming for Success 2018 Field Day: Final Reminder - News News
This year’s Farming for Success on June 21st has sessions on farm economics as well as many production agriculture tour stops and exciting speakers. More
Corn in wet areas of this field is suffering from a nitrogen deficiency due to early season nitrogen losses. Photo credit: Charlie White
Is Your Nitrogen Still There? - News News

Is Your Nitrogen Still There?


With the cool and wet weather in many parts of the state, you might be wondering whether the nitrogen you applied to corn this spring has been lost. More
Photo Credit: Sjoerd Duiker, Penn State Extension.
Managing Soil Compaction Caused by Small Grain Silage Harvest - Articles Articles
Small grain silage harvest can cause soil compaction when the soil is wet. This can have negative effects on the following corn crop. More
Photo 1: Manure injection in early May in western Chester County, PA. Twenty-foot wide toolbar supports injectors that are spaced 24 inches apart. Photo credit: Leon Ressler, Penn State
Manure Injection in PA Gets a Boost with National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Grant - News News
Newly awarded grant will be used to cover the cost difference between injecting and surface applying manure. More
Hairy vetch, rye, annual ryegrass, and clover cover crop being grazed. Photo Credit: Sjoerd Duiker, Penn State University
Grazing Crop Residues and Cover Crops - Articles Articles

Grazing Crop Residues and Cover Crops

Sjoerd Willem Duiker, Ph.D., CCA

Grazing has been largely excluded from our croplands but is receiving new interest as an additional profit center for farmers as well as a way to improve soil. More
Photo Credit: Claire Coombs, Penn State Extension.
Preventing Sidewall Compaction - Articles Articles
With all this rain, patience can be tough but it is important to wait for good planting conditions to avoid sidewall compaction More
Urea granules treated with a urease inhibitor. Photo credit: Charlie White
Will Your Nitrogen Stabilizer be Effective? - Articles Articles
Nitrogen stabilizer products are valuable management tools to prevent losses of N fertilizer and increase N use efficiency by the crop. Knowing how these products work will you help you maximize their effectiveness. More
Farming for Success
Farming for Success - Workshops Workshops

Farming for Success


Manheim, PA

Join us for an agronomic field day for farmers, industry representatives, and other agricultural professionals. More
Photo Credit: Sjoerd Duiker, Penn State Extension.
Repairing Erosion Damage and Protecting Your Fields - Articles Articles

Repairing Erosion Damage and Protecting Your Fields

Sjoerd Willem Duiker, Ph.D., CCA

Reports have come in about concentrated flow leading to rills and gully formation over the winter. How can you repair that and avoid it from happening again? More
Photo Credit: Sjoerd Duiker, Penn State Extension.
Threat of ‘Incidental Transfer’ of Manure to Streams - Articles Articles
With soil profiles being fully recharged with water and future runoff, creates the threat of ‘incidental transfer’ of nutrients and dissolved organic carbon from surface applied manure to streams and sinkholes. More
New growth on alfalfa. Photo credit: Creative Commons CC0;
Assessing Your Alfalfa Stand this Spring - Articles Articles
As alfalfa breaks dormancy this spring, take time to evaluate the condition of your stand. Is it good enough to keep? More
Sheep grazing in pasture. Credit: Creative Commons CC0;
Frost Seeding Time is Here - Articles Articles
Are your pastures looking a little thin? Now is the time to consider frost seeding as an option to thicken forage stands. More
Assessing Wheat Stands for Yield Potential and Nitrogen Application Timing
Assessing Wheat Stands for Yield Potential and Nitrogen Application Timing - Videos Videos
This video shows how to assess wheat fields for plant population and to determine when to top-dress nitrogen in order to stimulate plant growth and use nitrogen efficiently. More
Photo credit: Dwane Miller
Outstanding Lineup Slated for the 2018 PA Forage Conferences - Articles Articles
Visit with industry professionals and farmers and enjoy the day listening and learning about educational topics pertaining to forage production! More
A field must have greater than 25% crop residue cover or a cover crop to be eligible for winter manure spreading, along with other restrictions. Photo credit: Charlie White
The Do’s and Don’ts of Winter Manure Spreading - Articles Articles
If winter manure spreading is absolutely unavoidable, follow these requirements to do it legally. More
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