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Photo Credit: Liz Bosak
Soybean Production Field Days - News News

Soybean Production Field Days


Perry County will kick off the 2018 Soybean Production Field Days on July 24 in Elliottsburg. More
Healthy soybean field in Centre County. Image Credit: Adriana Murillo-Williams
Soybean Sentinel Plot Report – July 17, 2018 - News News
Our soybean sentinel plots have only minor insect/disease populations, so insecticide and fungicides applications may provide little benefit; scout to know! More
Heidi Myer, PSU Extension
Heidi Myer Joins Field and Forage Crops Team in York County - News News
Penn State Extension welcomed a new Field and Forage Crops Educator to York County in early July. More
Photo Caption: Kyle Imhoff
Weather Outlook for Week of July 17, 2018 - News News
Pleasant summertime weather will dominate the remainder of the work week, with more organized precipitation over the weekend. More
Figure 1. Soybean field showing variable growth and development at the R1-R2 (flowering) growth stage Photo Credit: P. Esker.
Soybean Stem Diseases: What are the Different Symptoms and Signs? - Articles Articles

Soybean Stem Diseases: What are the Different Symptoms and Signs?

Alyssa Collins, Ph.D., Paul D. Esker, Adriana Murillo-Williams

Soybean growth and development has been variable this year – what might we expect to find as the season progresses? More
Photo Credit: Zach Larson
Planting Green Events to be Held in Shippensburg and Bedford - News News
See how planting green can be used to improve soil health and bottom lines on your farm. More
Ponding in soybean field. Credit: Claire Coombs
Where Does the Water Go? - Articles Articles

Where Does the Water Go?

Claire Coombs

With all the rain in May and June, and higher than normal soil moisture levels, one can start to wonder where all the water could be going? More
Source: Penn State Extension, D. Lingenfelter
Herbicide Drift and Sensitive Plants: What to do if Drift is Suspected - Articles Articles
If herbicide drift is suspected on sensitive plants, certain procedures must be followed to properly investigate and document the situation. Read below for more details. More
Source: Penn State Extension, D. Lingenfelter
Xtend® Soybean System and Dicamba Applied Postemergence - Articles Articles
Best management practices to reduce chances of dicamba drift in Xtend soybeans are discussed. More
Potassium deficiency on this corn crop is exhibited by yellowing and necrosis of the leaf edges in the lower part of the canopy. Image credit: Jeff Graybill
Scouting for Nutrient Deficiencies - Articles Articles
Regular visual inspections, paired with tissue testing, soil sampling, and some help from eyes in the sky, can help diagnose nutrient deficiencies in a growing crop. More
Japanese beetle in soybeans. Image Credit: Anna Busch
Soybean Board Sentinel Plot Program Report for July 11, 2018 - News News
Our soybean sentinel plots continue to have minor insect and disease populations, but walk your own fields to see what is active at your place. More
Soybean Double Crop Research trial. Image credit: Del Voight
Considerations for Double Crop Soybean Production - Articles Articles
With both wheat and barley being harvested there are considerations to ensure a profitable double crop soybean crop. Key theme is to plant thick, plant narrow, use longer maturity and manage weeds up front. More
Marestail Image Credit: Dwight Lingenfelter
Mid-season Weed Control Issues 2018 - News News
As we proceed through the growing season, there are a few issues surrounding weed control and herbicide use. Below are some items to consider. More
White mold can greatly impact soybean yield in Pennsylvania when conditions are favorable for disease development. Credit: Alyssa Collins.
White Mold Considerations in 2018 - News News
White mold has negatively affected soybean production in Pennsylvania in most years since 1996, will 2018 be any different? More
True armyworm damage to corn plants in Centre County. Note the feeding damage along the leaf margins and the moist frass (insect feces) evident in the whorl. Image Credit: John Tooker, Dept of Entomlogy, Penn State
True Armyworm is Active - News News

True Armyworm is Active


We found an infestation of true armyworm in corn. Scout to determine if populations are significant in your area. More
Grey Leaf Spot in corn. Image Credit: Alyssa Collins
Early-season Corn Fungicide Considerations - Articles Articles

Early-season Corn Fungicide Considerations

Alyssa Collins, Ph.D., Paul D. Esker

Does it pay to spray at V5 to V7, or even V10, corn? What factors should we consider before pulling the trigger? More
Organic Twilight Meetings
Organic Twilight Meetings - Workshops Workshops

Organic Twilight Meetings

Multiple Options Available

Learn about organic agronomic crop production and processing in the Central Susquehanna Valley More
Upcoming Events for June 27th
Upcoming Events for June 27th - News News

Upcoming Events for June 27th


Field Day Announcement: Penn State Hemp Research Field Day, Southeast Research and Extension Center, August 7, 2018 More
Hemp Research Field Day
Hemp Research Field Day - Workshops Workshops

Hemp Research Field Day


Manheim, PA

Farmers, marketers, industry representatives, and others interested in the potential for growing and processing hemp are invited to attend. More
Overgrazing pastures compromises pasture production and exposes the soil to erosion
Avoid Overgrazing Your Pastures - Articles Articles

Avoid Overgrazing Your Pastures

Justin Brackenrich, Sjoerd Willem Duiker, Ph.D., CCA

The summer is upon us and cool season grasses are slowing down their growth. This is the time to pay attention so you don’t overgraze those pastures. More
Soil erosion is still taking its toll in Pennsylvania but can be addressed by using proper management
Eliminating Soil Erosion - Articles Articles

Eliminating Soil Erosion

Sjoerd Willem Duiker, Ph.D., CCA

Soil erosion is still our number one sustainability issue. With the excessive rainfall we’ve had many fields are showing the scars of rills and gullies. And yet … We have the tools – so let’s put them to work. More
Scabby Heads. Image Credit: Alyssa Collins, Penn State
What to do if You Have Scab? - Articles Articles

What to do if You Have Scab?

Alyssa Collins, Ph.D., Paul D. Esker

Here’s what to consider when your small grains have been hit hard by a Fusarium head scab epidemic More
Soybean Production Field Days
Soybean Production Field Days - Workshops Workshops

Soybean Production Field Days


Elliottsburg, PA

Learn about the Soybean On-Farm Network and the research conducted across the state. Field days will highlight various research projects, results from past years, and farmer-farmer discussions. More
Timing corn planting with black cutworm instar development is important for preventing damage to young corn seedlings. Photo credit: Roger Schmidt, University of Wisconsin-Madison,
Black Cutworm Management in Organic Field Corn - Articles Articles
Ecological pest management and cultural strategies are the best method for protecting crops against black cutworm damage on organic farms. More
Low lying fog in fields may indicate a temperature inversion. (Photo credit: Dwight Lingenfelter
Auxin Herbicide Drift and Temperature Inversions - Articles Articles
Temperature inversions can cause dicamba and 2,4-D to move great distances after application. Learn about the details below. More
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