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Potassium deficiency on this corn crop is exhibited by yellowing and necrosis of the leaf edges in the lower part of the canopy. Image credit: Jeff Graybill
Scouting for Nutrient Deficiencies - Articles Articles
Regular visual inspections, paired with tissue testing, soil sampling, and some help from eyes in the sky, can help diagnose nutrient deficiencies in a growing crop. More
White mold can greatly impact soybean yield in Pennsylvania when conditions are favorable for disease development. Credit: Alyssa Collins.
White Mold Considerations in 2018 - News News
White mold has negatively affected soybean production in Pennsylvania in most years since 1996, will 2018 be any different? More
Soybean Aphid
Soybean Aphid - Articles Articles
Larger aphid populations can heavily stress plants, reducing yields by up to 40%. More
Phil Sloderbeck, Kansas State University,
Fall Armyworm as a Pest of Field Corn - Articles Articles
Fall armyworm larvae can be difficult to control due to the timing of infestation in Pennsylvania. Insecticide control options should be attempted only in extreme situations. More
Clean the Combine to Stop Spread of Herbicide Resistant Weeds
Clean the Combine to Stop Spread of Herbicide Resistant Weeds - Articles Articles
Thorough cleaning and knowledge of the combine’s prior use can prevent the introduction of new herbicide-resistant weeds to your fields. More
Effects of Soil Compaction
Effects of Soil Compaction - Articles Articles

Effects of Soil Compaction

Sjoerd Willem Duiker, Ph.D., CCA

Soil compaction is the reduction of soil volume due to external factors; this reduction lowers soil productivity and environmental quality. More