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Information on farm management and budgeting for agronomic crops, including community supported agriculture, crop insurance, marketing, and diversification.

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2018 USDA, FSA Tariff Aid Program Details Begin to Emerge
2018 USDA, FSA Tariff Aid Program Details Begin to Emerge - News News
Specifics of assistance for farmers announced by the Department of Agriculture. More
Photo by Steve Williams, Penn State
USDA Will Spend up to $12B on Farm Trade Disruption - News News
What is known about the government’s farm-related response to retaliatory tariffs. More
Heidi Myer, PSU Extension
Heidi Myer Joins Field and Forage Crops Team in York County - News News
Penn State Extension welcomed a new Field and Forage Crops Educator to York County in early July. More
Casey Guindon, PSU
Introducing a New Field and Forage Crops Educator in Bradford County - News News
Casey Guindon recently joined Penn State Extension’s Field and Forage Crop Team and is based in Bradford County, Pennsylvania. More
Frequent heavy rains delay planting. Photo credit: Andrew Frankenfield
Crop Insurance: Prevented Planting Details - Articles Articles
More widespread heavy rain has delayed the already delayed corn and soybean planting. Farmers are now considering their options if they still have corn and soybeans to plant. More
Farming for Success
Farming for Success - Workshops Workshops
Join us for an agronomic field day for farmers, industry representatives, and other agricultural professionals. More
Large hay reserves in barn. Photo credit: Dwane Miller.
Are You Selling Hay Instead of Marketing Hay? - News News
In order to obtain a higher price for your hay, you may need to think “marketing” instead of “selling”. More
Dicamba Recordkeeping Forms Photo Credit: Dave Wilson
Recordkeeping for Dicamba Products - Articles Articles
Are you planning on using a Dicamba product this year? Be prepared to get training and keep the required records! More
Photo credit: Creative Commons CC0;
Questions About Your Pesticide Points? - Articles Articles
Is your pesticide license due to expire on March 31? Not sure how many points you need? Do you need to find upcoming meetings? Here’s a simple way to check! More
Photo credit: Dwane Miller
Outstanding Lineup Slated for the 2018 PA Forage Conferences - Articles Articles
Visit with industry professionals and farmers and enjoy the day listening and learning about educational topics pertaining to forage production! More
Justin Brackenrich, PSU
New Agronomy Educator Begins Work in Butler County - News News
Welcome Justin Brackenrich to Butler County. Justin is serving as the new Agronomy Educator with PSU Extension helping provide coverage to Western Pennsylvania. More
Claire Coombs, Extension Educator, Penn State Extension Mercer County
Introducing Claire Coombs to the Crops Team in Mercer County - News News
Claire Coombs joined the Field and Forage Crops Team in late October to help serve farmers in Mercer County More
Anna Busch, Union County Agronomy Educator
Welcome Anna Busch to the Crops Team in Union County - News News
In early October, Anna Busch joined the Field & Forage Crops Team to serve farmers in the Central Susquehanna Region. More
Photo caption: Loading Grain, Nicole Santangelo, PSU
What to Do with My 2017 Harvest? - News News
Some of us have bushels committed to buyers. Some of us have access to storage. The topic for today is – “What can I do with the bushels not yet priced?” More
Learning from Your Own Farm: Farmer/Grower Grant Success Stories
Learning from Your Own Farm: Farmer/Grower Grant Success Stories - Articles Articles
The Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (NE-SARE) program provides modest funding to farmers who would like to initiate their own on-farm research. More
Farm management software is one way of keeping track of what hybrids are planted, when control products are applied and yields. Understanding user licenses and privacy agreements will help in explaining what software companies can do with your data and w
What Will Happen to My Data? Understanding Your Rights in Precision Agriculture - Articles Articles
The use of Precision Agriculture-based decision making to determine fertilizer rates and hybrid types and planting rates is becoming more common. More
Steve Dewey, Utah State University,
Sprayer Calibration Saves Money - Articles Articles

Sprayer Calibration Saves Money

Andrew Frankenfield

Spending some time going over your sprayer in the spring can pay dividends. Worn or partially clogged nozzles will cause uneven spray distribution, which can lead to problems later in the season. More
Getting Started in Hops Production
Getting Started in Hops Production - Videos Videos

Getting Started in Hops Production

Tanner Delvalle


There are several important factors that must be considered before growing hops commercially. More
Phillip Roberts, University of Georgia,
Control of Roundup Ready Corn: Replanting or Volunteers - News News
Certain herbicides can be used to control traited volunteer corn varieties. Some suggestions are discussed below. More
Delayed Pre/Early Post Residual Corn Herbicide Options and Weather Effects Delayed Pre/Early Post Residual Corn Herbicide Options and Weather Effects - News
If wet weather has resulted in delayed pre-emergence applications, reconsideration of delayed pre-emergence and early post emergence herbicide options may be necessary. More
Aerial image of Penn State’s research hopyard at Rock Springs. Photo by T. Delvalle, Penn State
Are You Using a sUAS as a Tool? - Articles Articles
You probably have heard of (or observed) the use of small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS) throughout the country. More
My Pesticide Applicator’s License Expired. Now What? My Pesticide Applicator’s License Expired. Now What? - News
Are you a private pesticide applicator who’s license expired on March 31st without the needed credits? Don’t give up, there’s still hope! More
Wheat Management Considerations
Wheat Management Considerations - News News

Wheat Management Considerations


Many parts of Pennsylvania are a few weeks ahead of normal regarding winter wheat greening up, consider crop development and future probable weather when making spring nitrogen applications. More
Soybeans - Articles Articles
Crop insurance for soybeans in Pennsylvania (and other Mid-Atlantic states). More
Barley - Articles Articles
Crop insurance for barley in Pennsylvania (and other Mid-Atlantic states). More
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