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Food Safety Questions and Answers
Food Safety Questions and Answers - Articles Articles

Food Safety Questions and Answers

Luke LaBorde, Ph.D.

Commonly asked home owner food safety questions. More
The Temperature Danger Zone: 41–140°F (5–60°C)
Proper Field Dressing and Handling of Wild Game and Fish - Articles Articles
Learn the importance of temperature control & food safety for venison and other meat and poultry, safe field dressing, and transporting of deer, small animals, and game birds. More
Canning salt or pickling salt is pure salt, no additives. This type of salt is the best choice for canning, pickling, and sauerkraut.
Let's Preserve: Ingredients Used in Home Food Preservation - Articles Articles
Learn about the typical ingredients used in home food preservation recipes, such as water, salt, sugars, thickening agents, and alternatives. More
Prepare and Preserve Homemade Salsa
Prepare and Preserve Homemade Salsa - Articles Articles
Salsa is one of the most popular condiments used today. Because of its popularity, many cooks want to prepare and can salsa at home. More
Let's Preserve: Drying Fruits and Vegetables
Let's Preserve: Drying Fruits and Vegetables - Articles Articles
Learn the best practices and find recipes for drying fruits and vegetables. Dried foods are tasty, nutritious, lightweight, and easy to store and use. More
Let's Preserve: Sweet Corn
Let's Preserve: Sweet Corn - Articles Articles

Let's Preserve: Sweet Corn

Luke LaBorde, Ph.D.

Learn the proper techniques for freezing or canning fresh corn. Most sweet corn varieties work well for preservation. More
food safety of venison
Proper Care and Handling of Venison from Field to Table - Articles Articles
To reduce the risk of foodborne illness, hunters need to handle, process, and prepare deer properly, being careful to prevent contamination and improve food safety of venison from field to table. More