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Photo Credit: Bob McDonald, Penn State University
Label Date Marks: Quality or Food Safety? - Articles Articles

Label Date Marks: Quality or Food Safety?

Sharon McDonald, MEd, RD, LDN, Brad Beatty

Food labels provide consumers with valuable information. Unfortunately, the meaning of label date marks are often misunderstood. More
Martha Zepp, Penn State University
Pressure Canner Dial Gauge Testing - Articles Articles
Testing gauges on dial gauge pressure canners should be a routine step in preparing for each new canning season. More
Pest and Diseases Image Library, Bugwood.org
Cereal and Pantry Pests - Articles Articles
A variety of different insects attack cereals, flour, herbs, spices, chocolate, dried fruits and similar items in our homes. More
Photo by Kelly Sikkema
Tips on Preventing Foodborne Illness - Articles Articles
Food can be a source of great pleasure, but it also can be dangerous if it is not handled and prepared correctly. More