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Key Ingredients for the Perfect Jam or Jelly
Key Ingredients for the Perfect Jam or Jelly - Videos Videos
Ripeness and type of fruit determine a fruit's pectin content, both critical ingredients to making jam and jelly with a firm, tender texture, and excellent flavor. More
Plastic, Plastic, Everywhere!
Plastic, Plastic, Everywhere! - Articles Articles
Using plastic products comes at a cost; some chemicals used in plastics are linked to negative health and environmental effects. More
Canning salt or pickling salt is pure salt, no additives. This type of salt is the best choice for canning, pickling, and sauerkraut.
Let's Preserve: Ingredients Used in Home Food Preservation - Articles Articles
Learn about the typical ingredients used in home food preservation recipes, such as water, salt, sugars, thickening agents, and alternatives. More