Food Preservation

Information on home food safety, including canning and freezing sauerkraut, pickles, meat, poultry, vegetables, fruits, beans, fruit pie fillings, jellies, jams and spreads. Tips on harvesting and preserving herbs and spices and home cheesemaking.

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Martha Zepp, Penn State University
Preserving Color and Preventing Browning of Foods - Articles Articles
When certain fruits and vegetables are cut, the exposure of the flesh to oxygen results in enzymatic browning. There are a number of ways to prevent this from occurring. More
Martha Zepp, Penn State University
Perfect Canned Peaches - Articles Articles

Perfect Canned Peaches

Martha Zepp

When canning peaches select a variety of peach that will maintain its shape and flavor and at its ideal stage of ripeness in order to enjoy their delicate flavor year round. More 24256715
Fruit Relishes - Articles Articles

Fruit Relishes

Martha Zepp

Relishes are a delicious combination of chopped vegetables and/or fruits cooked in vinegar with spices added for flavor. More 163207097
Frequently Asked Preservation Question - Articles Articles
What causes lids to buckle, warp or bulge upward? More
Alexas_Fotos on CCO
Freezing Potatoes - Articles Articles

Freezing Potatoes

Martha Zepp

If freezing potatoes, the quality of the thawed product depends upon the type of potato used, its age, and your standards of taste. More
Martha Zepp, Penn State University
Acidifying Canned Products for Safety - Articles Articles
When canning food, the acidity of a food product is a critical factor that determines the safety and quality of the product. More
Auntmasko on, CCO
Zucchini - Articles Articles
Try drying, freezing or pickling as a way to preserve extra zucchini from the garden. More
Deluxtrade on, CCO
Preserving Sweet Corn Successfully - Articles Articles
Nothing says summer like sweet corn! Enjoy corn year round by canning, freezing or drying this summertime vegetable. More
Martha Zepp Penn State University
Frequently Asked Preservation Questions - Articles Articles
What causes holes in jar lids that look like pinholes? More
Eslfuntaiwan on, CCO
Best Practices for Canning and Freezing - Articles Articles
Test your knowledge about home food preservation by taking our quiz. More
Electric Multi Cooker. Photo Credit: by Tucvbif, from Wikipedia Commons
Canning in Electric Multi-Cookers - Articles Articles

Canning in Electric Multi-Cookers

Andy Hirneisen, MA

There has been no research by the USDA or a university to show that electric multi-cookers can safely process low-acid food. More
Stacy Reed, Pennsylvania State University
Why is Liquid Lost During Canning? - Articles Articles
A frequently asked food preservation question is what causes liquid to be lost from the jar during processing? More
Jon Cofer, Penn State University
Selecting a Canning or Processing Method - Articles Articles
The most important choice for a safe product is to choose the processing method that will destroy all harmful bacteria and prevent their growth during storage. More
Thermocouple for testing temperature inside jar: National Center for Home Food Preservation
Use Tested Recipes to Preserve Foods - Articles Articles
All reliable recommendations for canning include process directions that have been determined or based upon laboratory testing. More
Martha Zepp, Penn State University
Pressure Canner Dial Gauge Testing - Articles Articles
Testing gauges on dial gauge pressure canners should be a routine step in preparing for each new canning season. More
Peas - Davanath CCO
Preserving Peas - Articles Articles

Preserving Peas

Martha Zepp

With careful processing, peas can be preserved to be enjoyed throughout the year. More
Brian Prechtel/USDepartment of Agriculture K9189-1
Freezing Strawberries - Articles Articles

Freezing Strawberries

Martha Zepp

Freezing is by far the most popular method of preserving strawberries. More
Public Domain Pictures/18042 CCO
Follow Good Food Safety Practices When Preserving Food - Banish Bacteria - Articles Articles
Important practices for controlling bacteria in the kitchen also apply to food preservation. More
Andy Hirneisen, Penn State University
Home Food Preservation: Water Bath Canning - Workshops Workshops

Home Food Preservation: Water Bath Canning


Pine Grove Mills, PA

Join us to learn the basics of water bath and atmospheric steam canning. More
Photo credit: Alyssa Collins
Summer Garden Experience 2018 - News News

Summer Garden Experience 2018


Summer Garden Experience in Lancaster County combines the ambiance of a farm in summer with cutting edge planting and growing information. Bring the whole family on July 28th! More
Andy Hirneisen, Penn State University
Home Food Preservation: Hands-On Water Bath Canning Training - Workshops Workshops
Join us to learn the basics of water bath and atmospheric steam canning. More
Kaz on
Understanding the Process of Freezing - Articles Articles
To preserve high quality frozen foods it is important to understand the freezing process. More
Hans on pixabay/com.CCO
Preserving Rhubarb - Articles Articles

Preserving Rhubarb

Martha Zepp

Learn how to properly preserve the interesting vegetable - Rhubarb! More
Jon Cofer, Penn State University
Prepare for the Canning Season - Articles Articles
It's time to plan ahead for home canning this summer. Start by checking your equipment and supplies. Proper equipment in good condition is required for safe, high quality home canned food. More
Andy Hirneisen, Penn State University
Home Food Preservation: Hands-On Pressure Canning Training - Workshops Workshops
Learn the science behind pressure canning recommendations as well as the basics of using a pressure canner based on current USDA canning guidelines. More
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