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Information on business management of beer, hard cider and distilled spirits, including assessing the feasibility of growing apple cultivars for hard cider production. Tips on federal tax changes and using Mid-Atlantic fruit in hard cider production.

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Dr. Greg Peck, Cornell University
Assessing the Feasibility of Growing Apple Cultivars for Hard Cider Producers - Articles Articles
These tools are designed as educational resources to aid in decision making regarding the establishment of your cider variety orchard. More
2017 Hard Cider Federal Tax Changes
2017 Hard Cider Federal Tax Changes - Videos Videos

2017 Hard Cider Federal Tax Changes

Carla Snyder


The Cider Act went into effect on January 1, 2017, and changes how cider is classified for federal taxation purposes. More
Allowable Revisions to Approved COLA
Allowable Revisions to Approved COLA - Articles Articles
Make quick reasonable changes to your labels without applying for a new Certificate of Label Approval or COLA. More
Mid Atlantic Hard Cider Consumer Survey, Q4 2015
Mid-Atlantic Hard Cider Consumer and Producer Trends - Articles Articles
Hard cider production is increasingly becoming an economically attractive value-added product in the apple industry. More
Photo courtesy of PA Cider Guild.
Using Mid-Atlantic Processing Fruit in Hard Cider Production - Articles Articles
Exploring the potential for using Mid-Atlantic processing apple varieties in hard cider production. More